DeMarcus Cousins, the solution to our big man problem?

Sacramento coach Paul Westphal has confirmed that DeMarcus Cousins has already demanded a trade twice this season. And the Kings seem ready to oblige him.

If you're the Spurs (PATFO), would you offer Kawhi Leonard + Cory Joseph for Cousins? If you did, who would say no first?

If I'm the Spurs, I do it....and I actually think the Kings would go for it.

I've closely watched Cousins play many times. He's huge and one of the most offensively skilled big men in the game. He is a beast on the boards, the owner of a sweet 15 foot jumper plus advanced dribbling/passing skills, and he actually seems to enjoy boxing out. Some of the things he can do are astounding. But he's a horrific defender and almost never provides help defense. If he ever gets his head screwed on straight, he's a perennial All-Star.

But that's a giant "if." Basically, he's currently an immature nightmare (see last year's incidents) and not a very good teammate. But the talent. Oh that talent. And the size. Essentially, Cousins is Derrick Coleman all over again.

If anyone can whip him into shape, it's Pop, right? If any set of veteran players will demand his respect and show him how to be a pro, it's our Big Three, right? Don't we have the perfect team to rescue one supremely talented headcase without wrecking our chemistry?

Cousins would be the first big off the bench, playing 25-30 minutes a game, primarily backing up Duncan. As excited as I am about Leonard - and I think he's going to be a very good player - we have plenty of firepower on the wings without him in Ginobili, Jefferson, Anderson, Neal, and Green. I have no idea what we have in Joseph and I don't think the Spurs do either, but he's unlikely to be a significant contributor during the Big Three's rapidly closing title window.

Meanwhile, if you're Sacramento, you want young talent in return for Cousins or an opportunity to clear cap space. They're not taking back Jefferson and Bonner, folks. But Leonard and Joseph fit exactly what they need. First of all, they were both drafted largely for their defense, which Sacramento plays little of. They need stoppers. Meanwhile, in Evans, Thornton, and now Jimmer, they have a glut of 2 guards but no true PG on the roster. Joseph could grow with that group and fill that need. Similarly, they have Salmons at SF, but he's 32 and another terrible defender. As a 3/4 combo forward. Leonard would be perfect for them.

So what do you say, folks? Would you make that deal?

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