2012 London Olympics

Team USA Claims Back-to-Back Olympic Glory


Team USA took on a bigger, high-octane Spanish team and walked off the court Olympic gold medalists yet again. Read the quarter-by-quarter recap and why, aside from receding hairline jokes, I will...

Argentina 77 - Russia 81: The Long Goodbye

A loss is a loss is a loss. But.

Olympic Basketball: USA and Spain Will Play for the Gold


Olympic basketball update, including recaps and previews for the medal games.

Olympics GameThread - August 10 - RUS/ESP, USA/ARG


Discuss the Olympic Basketball Semifinals here.

Team USA 119 - Australia 86: Kobe Gets Angry, Smashes Puny Boomers


Thanks to Kobe Bryant's hot shooting hand and the somehow ho-hum elite play of LeBron James, Team USA is now one win away from a chance to defend their gold medal in Beijing. Team USA advanced to...

Olympic Quarterfinals Update Including Argentina - Brazil Recap


Argentina defeated Brazil and will face the U.S. for a place in the Gold medal game. Spain and Russia will fight for the other spot.

Olympics GameThread - August 8 - RUS/LIT, FRA/ESP, BRA/ARG, USA/AUS


Olympics GameThread - August 8 - RUS/LIT, FRA/ESP, BRA/ARG, USA/AUS

Team USA 126 - Argentina 97: Game Recap and Quarter Finals Analysis


Team USA had too much firepower for Argentina. The matches for the quarterfinals in Olympic Basketball are set.

Olympics GameThread - August 6 - SPA/BRA, USA/ARG


Olympics GameThread for Spain vs Brazil, and Argentina vs United States - August 6

France-Nigeria 79-73


France started this totally insignificant game seriously... However the score might evolve, Nigeria never had a chance. Boris scored, passed and rebounded. 23-10 at the quarter. Team France's...


Argentina 93 - Nigeria 79: Winter Is Coming


Argentina beats Nigeria, but the real tests lie ahead.

French Women Undefeated: France-Russia 65-54


Les Bleues finish 5-0 and first in their group, with an impressive, dominant victory over hitherto undefeated Russia. Team France's attack started slowly, but the defense was intense right...

Parker/Diaw/Batum do the job: Tunisia - France: 69-73


Coach Vincent Collet's after-game remarks were right on: "We can't expect the guys to be 'up' for every game -- there will be times when they're less engaged than we'd like. But the starting...

Olympics GameThread - August 4 - TUN/FRA, RUS/ESP, LTU/USA, CHN/BRA, GBR/AUS, NGR/ARG


Olympics GameThread for August 4, 2012 - Tunisia vs France, Russia vs Spain, Lithuania vs United States, China vs Brazil, Great Britain vs Australia, Nigeria vs Argentina

Spurs in the Olympics Update: Including Brazil vs Russia Game Recap


Olympic Basketball Recaps with Updates on Spurs' players

Tony Parker's Strong Performance Leads France past Lithuania


Tony Parker and Boris Diaw pace the French National team in their Olympic group match against Lithuania

Olympics GameThread - August 2 - FRA/LTU, AUS/CHN, ARG/TUN, BRA/RUS, ESP/GBR, USA/NGR


Olympics GameThread for August 2, 2012 - France vs Lithuania, Australia vs China, Argentina vs Tunisia, Brazil vs Russia, Spain vs Great Britain, United States vs Nigeria

Spurs in the Olympics Update: Including France vs Argentina Game Recap


Recap of the Argentina-France Olympic Basketball game from both the Argentine and French perspectives.

Olympics GameThread - July 31 - CHN/RUS, AUS/ESP, LTU/NGR, GBR/BRA, FRA/ARG, TUN/USA


Olympics GameThread for July 31st, 2012 - China vs Russia, Australia vs Spain, Lithuania vs Nigeria, Great Britain vs Brazil, France vs Argentina, Tunisia vs United States

France - Australia : 74-70


The French women started like their male counterparts, the previous day against Team USA. Nervous. Unable to hit a shot. Five minutes into the game, they were down by 10. But the ladies are...

Game Recap: Argentina 102 - Lithuania 79


Argentine perspective on the Argentina win against Lithuania in Olympic Basketball

France Defeats Brazil, 73-58


Ha! I'll bet you didn't even know they were playing. Well... You're forgiven, since this was over in the women's tournament. It was an important game, since both teams have ambitions. Both...

The Golden Underdogs of the Olympics


A preview for the Argentinian national basketball team.

Olympics GameThread - July 29, 2012 - NIG/TUN, BRA/AUS, USA/FRA, ESP/CHN, RUS/GBR, ARG/LIT


Olympics GameThread for Nigeria vs Tunisia, Brazil vs Australia, United States vs France, Spain vs China, Russia vs Great Britain, and Argentina vs Lithuania

Olympic Coverage on PTR


Will Pounding the Rock be covering the Olympics? You bet we will. Join us for our ongoing Olympic coverage, pls some thoughts on the Opening Ceremony.

Les Bleus at the Olympics


Not all National Basketball Teams are equal before the Olympics. Americans have never known Olympic Games without Team USA.There is never any question about the team being there... only about...

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