The greatest trick the Spurs fan ever pulled was convincing the world he was a Heat fan.

A bunch of "losers" came to visit our dear country a few weeks ago, led by Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. They played two exhibition games against the selection from our local basketball league and our national team, respectively. But I won't talk about that since I didn't have the chance to watch those games live.

What I'm going to tell you is my experience days after those "losers" left Filipino basketball fans thunderstrucked, when another "loser" came here. He's none other than the coach of the 2011 NBA Champions,  Erik Spoelstra. This was his second consecutive year of headlining the NBA Fit Philippines. Along side with his assistant coaches Dave Fizdale and Chad Kammerer, Filipino-American Spoelstra came. His mother is from a nearby city from my college.

And Spoelstra was invited by our school to hold a basketball clinic as part of NBA Fit. I was selected as one of the representatives by our school to participate on that said event. Well, there were a lot of schools that were invited -- from elementary to high school. A day before the clinic, our basketball coach in my PE class warned us not to wear anything that will annoy the visitors probably a Dallas Mavericks jersey. But I asked him if I could wear my Spurs away jersey and he said NO. Wear white jersey and maroon shorts. That was his command. The poor Spurs fan went sad. I asked some of my friends if they have any white jersey and one volunteered his new Miami Heat #6 jersey. My first reaction was to decline. WTF? I never imagined myself wearing LeBron's jersey. But I was forced to accept his offer since I was running out of time and my laundry weren't been brought back.

For one day, I decided to jump on the Heat bandwagon. And I prepared myself for trash talks from my friends and enemies since they really knew me as a LeBron hater ever since. I expected them to be shocked. I predicted that it would be a bad bad day.

The day and Spoelstra has came. WOOOH! I was very excited since it would be the first time that I would have an interaction with that league that has changed my life. Even though it was not about my Spurs, I was still too eager to see someone I hate.

It was the first time I ever joined a basketball clinic. Jog from here up to there. Boring. Then, while we were falling in line by school, Spoelstra and one of his assistant coaches noticed something or maybe someone. They finally became aware of the presence of LeBron in that basketball clinic. Suddenly, all the eyes of the people in that gym are staring at me. Then, the two asked me to stay with them in front of all the other participants and as I approach Coach Spo, one thing came into my mind: If only I could bump this guy the way the true LeBron does. I then realized that I was the only one among all the participants wearing a Heat jersey so I was easily noticed.

He then asked me to repeatedly say "Let's Go Heat!" while he was trying to ignite the crowd.


Yes! In front of this crowd.

"Let's Go Heat! Let's Go Heat!" The third time I shouted it, I was conscious again. I quickly asked myself, "Why am I doing this?". But I couldn't stop. I was in a position wherein I had no choice but to say those words or else I'll ruin the show. I can't change that to "Go Spurs Go"! The last thing I remember is that I was actually raising my fist while shouting.

I think it lasted about more or less 20 seconds of shame. After that he smiled and thanked me and a sarcastic smile was my response. And at the back of my mind I said the LeBron's Nike Commercial lines: Maybe I should just disappear.

Well, it was not a bad experience. JUST TOO AWKWARD! I guess I just so love the Spurs that even saying those three simple words was so hard for me. At the end of that day, the Spurs fan was still a Spurs fan.

How I wish Pop could visit here too.


BTW, here's the video:

I'll never wear a LeBron jersey again!

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