KA1Z3R's For Once Serious Offseason Speculations

Yep a serious post for once in my stinkin' life....yeah don't count on it to stay that way. I doubt i honestly make it through this without putting something dumb/Sunkist related in here. Let's hope and pray that it stays to a.....reasonable minimum.


Let me start off by saying that I'm fed up with this team and how it is currently structured. How can you expect to win with two of the absolute most vital aspects of basketball at dire weaknesses. Those being great big man rotation and overall defense. It quite frankly baffles me. Granted, few could have foreseen that Blair/Bonner might be the absolute worst pairing of bigs ever in terms of defense, or that Dyess would struggle on the big Zach Randolph's of the league, or that Timmy just ain't as great at defending seven footers as he used to be. Oh wait, I think everyone might have.

As it stands, there's no solution to these problems. And that's just the big men. I mean sure Splitter was pretty dang good, and many were screaming and inadvertently hurting themselves in a frenzy about Pop not playing him in the one situation we kinda drafted him for, but two good defensive bigs a defense does not make. You need at least three.

Also, other than Timmeh, is there anyone who can actually body up on offense and make some plays in the paint? Don't say Blair because he's too short to actually body up against decent bigs (Haddadi anyone? I hear it goes great with Randolph).

Plus, there's still no true point guard other than Parker and no true backup to Jefferson at SF. Though I am interested to see what the Anderson/Green/Butler trifecta will manage.

So what are we to do? Well I don't know much about the draft, I'm a little naive to the increasingly complex world of free agency, and trades baffle me. So it is that I shall endeavor to make a complete fool of myself learn these aspects and give you my brilliant ideas on how to fix up our beloved Spurs.

Here's some moves I'd like to see us make in no real particular order and with no rhyme or reason. Mash them together however you see fit.


Blair and Hill for Taj Gibson. The salaries surprisingly match and I could see both teams doing it. The Spurs trade the defensively and sometimes offensively inept Blair and streaky shooter Hill for an all-around solid big man. Gibson could start or be tremendous depth (I'd love to see him paired with Bonner on the first rotation). The Bulls receive a great young athletic rebounder with a ton of potential. But the bigger part of this deal is George Hill. Hill is a much better starter than Bogans and would allow Bogans to play as a bench defender. Hill could also be a great athletic scorer to backup Rose or the SG spot. Bulls get young athletes with loads of potential and scorers, Spurs get great big man depth.

One Jefferson for another plus San Antonio McDyess and his expiring contract. The Jazz and Al Jefferson aren't working out. They very well might be open to a trade for him as it seems they might be getting ready to rebuild. The Spurs meanwhile get an animal of a post player who at his worst last year would be enough to have put us over the hump against Memphis. This does leave a huge hole at SF, but there were times that we may as well have not even had a SF on the court anyway. At least this year there'd be Jefferson and Duncan destroying the paint.

This could very well be just be because I would do anything to get both Camby and Batum as Spurs, but is it really so weird to think about? Portland gets athletic scorers in Blair and Hill plus Jefferson would probably be a better fit for Portland. Portland would be one hell of a deep team.....wait why am I proposing this trade again if Portland ends up like an 11 man deep team....oh yeah! The Spurs get great defenders in Batum and Camby. Batum is another combo 2-3 guy, but he doesn't play like it. The guy has great length and great D to hang with strong SF's and athletic 2's. Plus, come on man. Marcus Camby? How could you not love having him?

This is more of a "can't a man dream?" scenario. Though you could argue that all of these have been. As much as i love Camby, I dote upon Roy Hibbert. Hibbert is one of my top 5 favorite non-Spurs. 7'2", loads of defense, very young, and can dominate the paint at times, and his contract matches Hill and Blair. The Pacers get an athletic scorer with Hill to give them a more consistent guy at the 2 spot, and Blair provides great rebounding and loads of athleticism. Plus the Pacers still get to keep their team young and dynamic. Watching the Pacers-Bulls series (aka the only time Indiana was on TV), I saw that the Pacers really lacked energy at times. Guys like Hill and Blair would be a nice surge for this team. Though that could just be the combo of Hibbert visions and Sunkist sipping talking (got pretty decently into this before saying Sunkist so give me some credit for that).

I love Anderson Varejao (I guess I love all big men really [TWSS]) and would happily do this a backup, there was no other option to get a tough defensive big via trade, option. Cleveland's so desperate, why not?


I personally like to see the Portland or Jazz trades the most here. Of course I'd also kill to have Hibbert.


Free Agents:


Nazr Mohammed- At this point he could probably be taken for vet minimum. But I don't know, I'm not a salary egghead like some of you (whom I thank greatly for said eggheadedness)

Nenad Krstic- Please, I want a seven footer so bad and Krstic is underrated in my mind.

Kwame Brown- The joke had to come in somewhere

Kurt Thomas- Why did we ever let you go!?

Kyrylo Fesenko- DEFENSE! -clap, clap, clapclapclap-

Francisco Elson- You're seriously still in the league? Again, more of a joke.

Power Forward-

Honestly the list of availables sucked so bad I could only muster up this:

Leon Powe- Better defending Blair from what I hear.

Jefferies- Not bad, not great.

Glen Davis- Too often do I want the Celtics to lose, only to see him have a great game.

Carl Landry- Only if Blair is gone and we want a much better short big. Not probable that we could Landry, but not completely thrown out the window either. Short bigs are starting to be exposed as a fad that only works every now and then.....if only the D'Antoni style offense could be exposed the same way.

Small Forward-

Peja Stojakovic- Old but I'd like a consistent three shooter from the wing and he's a pretty solid defender too. Only if RJ is traded though (please) and Batum isn't the result.

Tayshaun Prince- Old and not what he used to be, but still probably a much better fit than RJ. Again, only if RJ is traded.

Grant Hill- Whether RJ is traded, everything within the power of the Spurs must be done to acquire him (though unrealistic)

Shane Battier- Whether RJ is traded, everything within the power of the Spurs must be done to acquire him (though unrealistic)

Mike Dunleavy- Don't know why, but I like Dunleavy. Don't know if MLE is enough though.

Rasual Butler- Don't know why, but I like Butler. MLE should be enough (I'd hope)

Carlos Delfino- Prefer him as depth if aforementioned trifecta produces zilch. Not really one I'd like starting in an RJ gets traded scenario.

Shooting Guard-

Would prefer not to see a move here so I'll only list one:

Carlos Delfino- Can play SG as well and would be great depth in a Hill gets traded scenario. Neal still would get a lot of time though.

Point Guard-

Ronnie Price- Solid passer, solid defender, ideal point guard backup.

Pooh Jeter- For name and joke alone.

Earl Watson- Not too shabby.

A.J. Price- I like him a lot, not really sure why though. Just seems like a good fit.



I'm completely uneducated in this department and won't even try.



It's up to you guys really. I'd like your thought on my trades and free agent listings. Ideally I'm looking at a roster of maybe something like this:

C: Duncan

PF: Camby

SF: Batum

SG: Manu

PG: Parker


C: Splitter

PF: Bonner

SF: Anderson

SG: Neal

PG: Ronnie Price


C: Al Jefferson

PF: Duncan

SF: Prince (MLE)

SG: Manu

PG: Parker


C: Splitter

PF: Bonner

SF: Anderson

SG: Neal

PG: Hill

(I like this a lot as Blair is made a great 11th man or you could still pull some sort of Blair/Hill trade)


Whaddaya think?

Oh almost forgot:



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