Live on draft night

This was a live blog during the draft, so some picks that were later traded might have analysis specific to their original selection (i.e. Kawhi Leonard to the Spurs via the Pacers).

1. Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving

There was no real question as far as who would be taken No. 1 overall. Derrick Williams might have been the only person in the room who thought he had a chance to be taken first, but you'd think even he knew deep down. Only one question remains: how much weight will B-Diddy gain now that Cleveland has picked its point guard of the future? I'll start the over/under at 15 pounds.

2. Timberwolves - Derrick Williams

Again, easy choice here as the second pick overall. Has it all on the offensive end, but gives the T-Wolves the problem (or luxury, depending on how you look at it) of too many players with similar skill sets at the same position. Will Minnesota trade Kevin Love or Michael Beasley? We all know Darko is the future...sarcasm intended, in case you weren't sure.

3. Jazz - Enes Kanter

Given the fact Utah already has Kyrylo Fesenko on their team, Jazz fans should have no issues pronouncing Kanter's name. By all accounts, Enes is a high-I.Q. player — which should fit perfectly in Utah — who also provides this team with extra depth in its rotation of bigs. He'll give the Jazz more offense in the paint they lost with Carlos Boozer's departure. But, unfortunately, Kanter almost assuredly can't yell "And 1" louder than Boozer. Depending on what happens with the Spurs tonight, this rotation of post players could potentially give San Antonio problems in the front court both defensively and offensively. Still, the Jazz need more than Kanter to immediately turn around a disappointing season.

4. Cavaliers - Tristan Thompson

A lot of the "experts" had this guy moving up the draft boards very quickly, and it looks like they were right. At this point, it's all about accumulating depth in Cleveland, and Thompson provides more athleticism and potential for one of the worst teams in the league. It's safe to say we're all rooting for the Cavs...kind of, at least.

5. Raptors - Jonas Valanciunas

Another popular player in the draft is picked, and unfortunately for Spurs fans he won't be in central Texas. Toronto was one of the possible Tony Parker destinations if there was to be a trade, but it seems to no longer be in the conversation.

6. Wizards - Jan Vesely

First of all, let's all hope that was his girlfriend he was making out with. Fun moment in New Jersey (one of the few in recent memory). Vesely is long and athletic and will be a great fit alongside John Wall in the running game. And did he just say Blake Griffin is the American Jan Vesely? This should be fun...

7. Bobcats (via Kings) - Bismack Biyombo

Well, 'Air Congo' is already taken, but this guy needs a nickname. Of course, he's going to the Bobcats via the Kings, and it looks like the Spurs won't be able to unload Mr. Jefferson...unfortunately. Won't you climb my wishing tree? ahh j'mona...

8. Pistons - Brandon Knight

Remember when the Pistons were good? Remember when Joe Dumars was "one of the league's best GMs?" He might have gotten this one right. Knight is a great shooter and capable distributor who blew up in the NCAA tournament. Question is, can he be the kind of point guard Detroit needs to run the show? By all accounts he's a bright kid, and that's important on a team that features Charlie Villanueva in its rotation. 



9. Bobcats - Kemba Walker

He might have slipped a bit, but there's no question this guy can play. Depending on what the 'Cats do with Walker, they potentially have two small point guards in a league that's migrating to the floor general with size. But Kemba showed his ability to perform under the brightest of lights, and there's no reason to think he won't be able to continue that at the next level.

10. Kings (via Bucks) - Jimmer Fredette

The Kings need to bring in star power to get that new arena, and at this point in the draft Jimmer is seemingly a perfect fit. He might not be the prototypical point guard, but he can initiate the offense. Let's not forget, Tyreke Evans is certainly capable of distributing the ball as well, but Fredette's range should prove very valuable to a team that ranked 26th in the league in 3-point percentage. As this draft pans out, it seems NOBODY was interested in taking on Richard Jefferson's contract as the Kings were one of the main teams in the discussion. Honestly, though, any team in its right mind wouldn't take Jefferson. Well, at least until Isiah Thomas returns to the league.

11. Warriors - Klay Thompson

Thompson was apparently high on the Spurs' wish list, which makes sense given his skill set. But he seems to be a good fit alongside Monta Ellis and Steph Curry in Golden State, where Mark Jackson will need all the help he can get. "The Golden State Warriors will make the playoffs..." - Mark Jackson.

12. Jazz - Alec Burks

Utah needs perimeter scoring in a bad way. C.J. Miles just doesn't cut it consistently, and all Burks does is score. 

13. Suns - Markieff Morris

The first (and oldest) KU twin is off the board, and that might be a bit surprising given Marcus was the bigger name in school. But according to Mr. Jay Bilas, Markieff is more established at the power forward, something Phoenix needs badly. It seems the Suns like the less heralded of the college twins (see Robin Lopez). On another note, the lottery is nearly over...and the Spurs have yet to trade Tony Parker.

Commercial break - Is it just me, or does Manny Pacquiao make everyone feel like a lazy bum? 10 miles a day along with 2,000 sit-ups? I jump in the pool, swim back and forth a couple of times...then it's time for a beer. Also, nobody cares anymore Ice Cube.

14. Rockets - Marcus Morris

Gotta love it. Morris twins go back to back, and Houston gets a hell of a pick. Scola might already be entrenched in the 4 spot, but if Marcus learns how to play the out. Playing in the same division as San Antonio, it's safe to say he could really give the Spurs problems with his size and ability. He might be a bit of a 'tweener,' but at this point in the lottery you'll take what he brings to the table, no matter where he plays on the floor.

15. Spurs (via Pacers) - Kawhi Leonard

If there was a best-dressed draft, I'd take Leonard without question. Swagger on a million right now! This guy would help any team, and playing with Psycho T could be a nightmare for opposing teams. All anyone talks about is how relentless the guy is game in and game out. He plays basically the same position as Danny Granger, but has a motor on a different level. 

Looks like Leonard is headed to San Antonio for George Hill. Time will tell how this one pans out, but my initial thoughts: I LOVE it. 

16. 76ers - Nikola Vucevic

Dude's got size, something much needed in Philly right now. Another foreign-born player, but played at USC. His time in the NCAAs should have given some American basketball exposure to the big man, which should prove valuable in the transition to the pros. Too bad nobody has ever heard of the guy. Still, yet another big man who I'm sure the Spurs had their eye on.

17. Knicks - Iman Shumpert

New York Knicks fans have had the same reaction during the first round for years now. You know, that "What the hell just happened?" look...Then again, nobody knew who Landry Fields was either. Shumpert would have been a nice fit in San Antonio, where a defensive-minded combo guard is needed.

18. Wizards - Chris Singleton

Between Jan Vesely and Singleton, the Wizards just got very athletic in the front court. John Wall will be able to throw lob passes all day. Yet another guy who would have fit beautifully in San Antonio...theoretically speaking, at least.

Thought we'd see many more trades tonight, by the way.

19. Bucks (via Bobcats) - Tobias Harris

The Tennessee swingman has some promise. WIth the newly acquired Stephen Jackson starting at the 3, Harris will have time to develop and contribute immediately off the least that's what the Bucks are hoping.


A lot of Spurs people think George Hill has hit his ceiling, and I tend to agree. Leonard brings great size and defense on the perimeter, something sorely needed in San Antonio. George has been referred to as Pop's "favorite player".. but I don't think he ever TRULY meant that. While he might not have the outside touch, Leonard will help the Spurs immediately in the area that killed them during the playoffs: defense on the perimeter. George probably wouldn't mind going home, anyway. Now, if only the Spurs can get rid of Mr. Jefferson. We will miss you, George...

20. Timberwolves - Donatas Motiejunas

Oh, and the Timberwolves picked somebody named Donatas Motiejunas. 

21. Trail Blazers - Nolan Smith

Great backup to Andre Miller (who might be traded back to Denver) at this point, but he'll have every shot at being the next in line to start. He fills the Blazers biggest need, should stick well.

22. Nuggets - Kenneth Faried

Talk about an energy guy, Denver got itself a beast. On a team that's already full of high flyers, this guy's going to get dirty and give a dangerous team more possessions, not to mention he gets down and defends. The greatest rebounder in the history of college hoops will have an immediate impact in the Mile High City. If the rumors come to fruition and Andre Miller is back in the baby blue unis, he'll get his share of open dunks. But that's the only way he'll score.

23. Bulls (via Rockets/Timberwolves) - Nikola Mirotic

This guy won't see the NBA for years, but Fran Fraschilla says he'll be a lot like current Houston power forward Luis Scola. But it looks like the Rockets have traded his rights to acquire Jonny Flynn from the Timberwolves. You knew it was only a matter of time before the point guard factory in Minneapolis got rid of one of them. Flynn and Lowry will give the Spurs problems within the division, especially without George Hill in the mix if the proposed trade goes through.

24. Thunder - Reggie Jackson

OKC definitely addressed an issue here with Jackson, especially after all the criticism Russell Westbrook received regarding his ability to play the point for the Thunder. While I believe it was all an overreaction (any team would LOVE to have Westbrook), it gives this team options.

25. Nets (via Celtics) - MarShon Brooks

I was starting to get a little optimistic Brooks would slide to the Spurs. Dude can score and would have had a great chance to be the heir apparent to Manu (SA might not have even picked him, though, given the Spurs' need for size). Still, he fits the same role for the Celts. Should be a nice bench option on a team that needs scoring behind Jesus Shuttlesworth. Nice pick for the aging Gang Green.

26. Portland (via Mavericks) - Jordan Hamilton

It hurts me to think about it, but it's a great fit in Dallas. With the uncertainty around Caron Butler's future and what kind of impact Corey Brewer will have, the Mavs got a guy who probably should have been picked higher. Hamilton can fill it up and has HUGE talent, but can it all come together. The Spurs hope it doesn't. Well, their fans hope that, at least. 

Mavs flip pick for Rudy Fernandez, ANOTHER shooter. With questions approaching in free agency, Dallas is showing what its front office is capable of doing. Just what the Mavs needed, another shooter.


Brooks looked to be a good fit in Jersey, but Johnson would also fill a need for Boston. Rangy, athletic body at the 4 to give the Celts depth behind KG in a different package than what Big Baby has to offer. Brooks will be a nice fit in NJ (a team that needs offense badly) but might have had a better chance to develop in Boston.

27. Celtics (via Nets) - JuJuan Johnson

28. Heat (via Timberwolves/Bulls) - Norris Cole

Well-rounded game at the point, but another point guard? KAAAAAAAAAHHHHNN! What is going on out there? Is he trying to prevent all sports writers around the world from ever having a chance to be a part of any front office in the league? I wish he would open a twitter account and share with the world his every thought. Go get 'em David! It's entertaining as hell.

(And yet another Kahn trade sends Cole to Heat)

29 SPURS! - Cory Joseph

Well, it seems not many people saw this coming. With the possible acquisition of Kawhi Leonard, this was a necessary pick. This means it looks like the Leonard is on his way to central Texas. George Hill hit his ceiling, I'm convinced. I'm all for this trade, but we'll see what Cory Joseph can do. His college stats certainly don't blow anybody away. But the Spurs were able to acquire defensive size on the perimeter — something they needed desperately — and essentially acquire a similar player to Hill. And keep in mind, Cory Joseph was a big recruit heading in to Austin. Let's hope he's just a late bloomer.

On a side note, it looks as if Davis Bertans' rights will also be traded to the Spurs. Bertans will be a project, but should provide great shooting from the front court when he's ready to join the Association.

30. Bulls - Jimmy Butler

Butler scores easily and can defend well. These are two things the Bulls need, especially when you think of the difficulty Chicago had scoring outside of Derrick Rose. When Keith Bogans is in your starting lineup, you're almost destined to stall out at some point. Just ask the Spurs...


Mavericks get Rudy Fernandez, Blazers get Raymond Felton, Nuggets get Andre Miller and No. 26 pick Jordan Hamilton

Blazers did good work tonight, becoming more dynamic at the point guard position. Miller had to go at some point, and the combo of Raymond Felton and the NBA-ready Nolan Smith will pick the pace up at the Rose Garden.

The Mavs just got better offensively with the addition of Rudy Fernandez, but we'll see what happens with their upcoming free agents.

Back to Denver you go, Andre Miller. With young Ty Lawson manning the back court, a little experience could go a long way. Plus, Miller is familiar with the Nuggets...should be a good fit. Jordan Hamilton will add insurance to the Nuggets back court if they aren't able to hang on to both Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo.

2nd round tidbits:

38. Houston - Chandler Parsons

The Rockets select Florida forward Chandler Parsons. The SEC Player of the Year is skilled in many different areas, but has never been a dominant force on the floor. With a fairly deep Houston team he might not get a ton of chances, but if he produces in several different aspects of the game once he sees court time he's the kind of guy who can have a positive impact on any roster.

57. Mavericks - Targuy Ngombo

Fran Fraschilla said the guy can play despite his relative anonymity. A power guy with size and touch from the perimeter, the Mavs continue to add to their great depth. Dallas will have some issues to deal with in free agency, but this squad has a lot of bodies that can play...they won't take a step back next year.

59. Spurs - Adam Hanga

If you know anything at all about this guy, let me know. Fran Fraschilla seems to like the guy, and that's good enough for me. Young shooting guard with size, athleticism and touch...I'll take it. Furthermore, I really like that the Spurs were able to acquire three players for George Hill. I'll be sad to see George go, but I'm a big Kawhi Leonard fan, and Bertans looks like he will be a player someday. Shooters are always valuable, especially with that kind of size at that age.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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