Trades and Free Agents pt2

Yeah, I know its a little too early for this topics to be brought out, but since we already have a Trades and Free Agents post, then what the hell, lets do this!

Ok, so this post is going to focus on acquiring players that can help us with defense, offense is currently in good hands with the current roster as the 2010-2011 regular season has shown. Every trade scenario that you are going to see here works cap wise, according to the Trade Machine and the current CBA.

Gerald Wallace for Richard Jefferson and James Anderson

Money matters works, we get to unload RJ and get a young (28 y/o) and versatile 6'7 defender in Wallace. Question is, will Portland do it?

Josh Smith for Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess or Matt Bonner

As of writing, McDyess is leaning towards retirement but we're not sure of that, yet. If he does not retire, we can swap him or Matt Bonner with Richard Jefferson for Josh Smith. Shipping Dyess to Atlanta will give them cap relief, while we get Smith who is 6'9 and only 25 y/o, and so we get young and tall at the same time. And in my opinion, he is tall enough to bother other C's and PF's in the league and quick enough to cover Spurs killers like Dirk Nowitzki, LaMarcus Aldridge and David West.

Kirk Hinrich for Richard Jefferson and Gary Neal or George Hill

What?Kirk is a guard, we have too many of those! Yeah, but do you remember the Bulls-Celtics playoffs where he guarded Rondo, Allen and Pierce consecutively?...Me too, that's why he is on this list. I've always wanted him to wear silver and black since then. Meanwhile, I hate to see Neal or Hill go, but we get a real point guard in return. And if its for Hinrich, the I'm all for it.

Thabo Sefolosha For Matt Bonner

Sefolosha is 6'7, 27 y/o. and versatile enough to guard the 2 and 3 slots. In my opinion, he's one of the most underrated defenders in the league.

Anderson Varejao for Richard Jefferson

Varejao's injury may be recurring, thus this may prevent him to play the way that he used to, so this one is going to be a gamble. But if he returns to good form, we will have of the most pesky and irritating big man in the league. Also, he's Brazilian, Tiago will sure be happy. Meanwhile, why would Cleveland do this trade? Because they have a glaring need at the 3 spot, and yes more than we do.

Andrew Bogut and Carlos Delfino for Richard Jefferson, Antonio Mcdyess and Matt Bonner

Ah yes..a pipe dream...Well, one can dream can't they. I was going to include Salmons here, but that will make it to 19 Million and we wont be able to make this trade without shipping TP or Manu. Now, imagine a Bogut-Duncan frontline while Splitter comes from the bench... Now wake up and start praying that a miracle takes place this offseason and this shit actually happens. =p

Al Jefferson and Gordon Hayward for Richard Jefferson, Antonio Mcdyess and Matt Bonner

A Jefferson for a Jefferson. One sings to the tune of 18.6 PPG, 9.7 RPG, 1.9 BPG and a 20.20 PER. Well, sad to say but he's not our Jefferson. But maybe Utah can decide to just blow-up and trade Big Al and their project Gordon Hayward to us. I actually like that kid, at 6'8 he has a production of 5.4 PPG for a 10.73 PER in 16.9 minutes per game, not to mention the .473 percentage from deep.

Trevor Ariza and Quincy Pondexter for Richard Jefferson

Trevor Ariza's stats doesn't tell the whole story behind his game, unfortunately the same cannot be said for RJ. Meanwhile, Pondexter is included here to make the numbers work, and if my memory serves me right, he's also one of the players in the past draft that guys here at PtR seriously coveted(?).

For now, that's it. Comments?Fire away...



Sorry for the grammar, its the first time that I actually written something this long for PtR. =D

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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