Ready for the playoffs?

I think the way the Spurs are playing right now, they should be able to sweep or take in 5, either Hornets, or Grizzlies. But then again, crazy things happen in the playoffs. Hopefully our first 2 rounds are uneventful and other teams have the drama.

Memphis has played us well. But let's be honest. During the reg. season, the Spurs (and all other teams) can't approach every opponent with the seriousness and intensity that go into the start of a 7 games series.  I remember that at least a couple of times playing Memphis, we just weren't as focused as for some elite teams. So take regular season with a grain of salt.

We know that the Grizzlies have good rebounding and defense. But I believe that Pop and the Spurs will find ways to break down their defense. Once they do that, the series is over. Memphis doesn't have enough offense to compete with R. Gay out.  
 The Spurs have too many weapons to not be able to exploit any team out there. (I'm talking about the Lakers as well, although it's obviously a much more difficult chess match with them.) With Parker and Manu attacking the paint, Duncan playing like his old self, several 3-point bombers, and G. Hill playing well again, the Spurs should be able to score well on any opponent, AS LONG AS they don't become dependent on outside shots and the 3-ball.

   Funny because everyone in the media seems to always look for a reason to count the Spurs out. And this year it's once again completely illogical---. A high-scoring offense, not dependent on one elite player is rare to see in this league. If the Spurs are on their game, you just can't stop their offense. This is unlike many of the Spurs teams of the past.

   So instead of giving them props for this and saying this is a reason for them to do well this year, critics cite their lack of defense, (along with their age) as the reason why they will struggle. Whereas in the past, they seemed to overlook the great defense this team played. Here's the the thing, the Spurs have not turned into the Suns.It's easier for veterans to raise their defense in the playoffs than for younger clubs. Veterans have the experience and mental stamina to make stops when their team needs them. Duncan and McDyess demostrated this last year in the series vs. Dallas. Trust me, Pop and the Spurs still know how to play good defense. Those who say otherwise, have probably not watched this team much over the past several years.

 Those who have been following this team can probably tell that the Spurs defense is actually a bit better than last year.  RJ is sharper and more aggressive than last year, Hill has more experience, and Blair has definitely benefited from starting so many games this season. And just in case Duncan or McDyess get into foul trouble, they have 7-footer, Tiago Splitter ready to go off the bench. Oh, and let's not forget that the Big 3 are healthy.  And more importantly, they have much better team chemistry than they did last year at this time.

Bye the way, this is coming from a guy who posted on this blog --back in Nov. that in his opinion this year's Spurs look like a Championship team.  (And that they had the best chance of any team of winning 70 games, which of course doesn't matter one bit) I don't know about you, but I don't think I was being overly optimistic about this year's Spurs. Though it is the playoffs where anything can happen, there are good reasons to once again be excited about the San Antonio Spurs.

    --Looking forward to the playoffs, and especially the Western Confernce Finals. 
(I'll be watching with the Spurs faithful in the eternal city.)

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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