The Perfect Playoff Seedings – Well Not Entirely Perfect


Not that we really get to determine these things, but I can never help but stare at the playoff seedings and contemplate the dream matchups.  Here’s how, in an ideal world, and one that is at least possible, I would see things going if it were up to me. 

The Spurs manage to hold onto the one seed.  Ideally I’d love to see LA fall to third but we all know it isn’t going to happen.  So, Dallas, having played quite poorly as of late, falls as far as the fourth seed.  That bumps up Oklahoma City to third.  Memphis stays on their late season tear and jumps up to 7th.  New Orleans holds off Houston for the eighth seed.  Denver and Portland stay 5 and 6.  So we end up with


1. San Antonio

2. LA

3. OK City

4. Dallas

5. Denver

6. Portland

7. Memphis

8. New Orleans


This is not just ideal but a somewhat likely outcome, at least for an imperfect world.  Here’s why it's good.  Spurs get a sputtering New Orleans team without the aid of David West.  Timmy can go nuts, Okafor is not that scary and although Paul is always a force to be reckoned with, he’ll have no one to really score off of his assists. We sick Hill on the NOOCH, while a steady diet of Parker and Ginobili have him running around getting tired on offensive.


LA gets Memphis, which is their incredible Achilles heel.  La has not beaten Memphis in like ever.  Not sure exactly what it is, maybe the incredible and unparalleled powers of Zach Randolph, but whatever it is they have problems.  Not saying they’ll lose, but at least they will be tested and it may go 6 or 7 games (maybe).


Dallas and Denver will beat the hell out of each other.  Denver is on a tear and I never dislike watching Dallas lose.  That being said, Dallas still has Dirk-a-Dirk-a-Dirk which may be enough.  Plus if Jet continues to be an obnoxious thug-like punk, as he has been recently, he will almost certainly be shanked by Kenyon Martin or Nene, or both.  Not encouraging this in any way, just saying it will probably happen.  Oklahoma City should tear through Portland no problem, but that’s okay. 


The Spurs will get the winner of the brawl that is Dallas Denver, possibly with Jet still recovering from a massive gaping side wound.  LA will reprise their battle with the new and improved (we finally have a guy over the height of 6’-7”) Oklahoma City .  This will of course prove to be another lengthy and dragged out affair.  Sure LA is probably better but I will never count out Durant and Westbrook after seeing their performance at the World Championships this off-season.  Durant was a one man wrecking crew.  The Spurs and Lakers will each emerge victorious but San Antonio , having not had to slog through a series with Oklahoma City and Memphis will be more rested and ready to go. 


Not gonna do any predictions beyond that for right now.  Don’t want to get ahead of myself here. 


Bring it.  Getting excited for the NBA Playoffs ’11.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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