Game 4 Recap: 'Cause there wasn't one

Going to make it quick although not painless

So, it was a great regular season for the first half. A lot to be proud of. We had a great record. Something happened after the All-Star break or maybe it was right before........something happened and I am not going to put forth my $.02 on this one. I will speak briefly about Game 4 last night but I am going to do it in straight stats. I will be dealing with the top six minute getters of both teams and their relation to one another.

Let's get started.

Box scores are a good quick glance at what happened to a game. Game flow charts are great too. I am not going to go into the solid first half we had or the third quarter collapse. I am not going to touch the 4th - what then will I go into? Well there are some bright spots, let's start there, shall we?

First off: Tony had a pretty good game. The game that we were looking for from him, minus the 7 turn overs. Other than that, it was a great game. He was very efficient. VERY EFFICIENT in his scoring. He had 23 points with only 3 misses! Pretty damned good. Although he did not have many assists, those assist attempts often resulted in one of those 7 turn overs. Lionel Hollins has his team playing great defense and a lot of that defense is shutting down passing lanes, resulting in opponent turnovers. In my rating system that favors points and possessions, Tony had the highest score of any player! He came in with a .77 ( a 1 is a perfect game). Tony, aside from his attempts to pass, was marvelous!

Second: YAY TIAGO! He got to play! I was so happy to see him play I really didn't care about what was going other than him playing. So many of us knew that he would be an asset for the Spurs and he delivered! He had 6 offensive rebounds which was the most of the game and one more than Gasol minus 14 minutes less than Gasol. Tiago is great! Sure he has some parts of the game to work on, namely FTs, but he is definetly something good! Tiago had a .71 rating for the game, the 2nd highest of all players.

Well, that was my good points, now of course for the bad.

Manu: With 14 points and 8 misses in 29 minutes, Manu was not an offensive threat para points but he did help distribute the ball with 4 assists. Other than that, he was pretty blah! He ranked in with a .55

Tim: Happy birthday but that was awful. He played 29 minutes and was highlighted by 7 defensive boards. Add that with 4 misses on 6 points, 2 turn overs and 0 offensive boards and you have a ugly rating of .36 yuck.

Hill: He hustled but was quietly sucking in the game. Sorry man, just stats, you can, and have done a lot better! For 29 minutes he had 10 points with 3 misses, 2 turn overs, 2 assists and 1 rebound. Rating: .37

Oh boy, the stinker of last night RJ. Wow, just wow. You really, really, really sucked last night. You played 26.5 minutes. You scored 0 points, missed 4 times. Shot 0 FTs. Had 0 assists. 0 steals. 0 blocks. Your only positive was 3 defensive rebounds. For your apologists out there, your counter part, Young, had a rating of .48. Your rating: .13. Ouch buddy, ouch.

Memphis played well as a team. Although we had two more efficient players (at least in my system) they had a much better around and higher scoring top 6 minute getters than we did.

Top: Tony Allen. He logged in 27 minutes, had 12 points with 5 misses but had 0 turnovers, 3 steals, 2 assists, 1 offensive rebound and 2 defensive rebounds. His rating: .64

Battier: coming off the bench, he had 24.6 minutes, with only 2 misses on 9 points, 1 turnover, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Quietly efficient.

Randolph: 8 defensive rebounds, 2 steals and 11 points in 31 minutes. He lost the ball 3 times and had 4 misses. Rating: .6

Gasol: .54, Young: .48 and Conley: .46

Spurs top 6 minute getters total: 2.89

Grizz top 6 minute getters total: 3.33

Our top two outplayed their top two (TP and Tiago) but their next four killed our last four.

Team play was what the Spurs were all about this year. Somewhere they lost that. Somewhere it was up to one person to carry them. We heard a lot about the Big 3 but often times it was a Big 1 or 2 and then some role players. In these playoffs we have had a Big 1 --- Game 1: Tim, Game 2: Manu, Game 3: Manu, Game 4: Tony.

The Big 3 are there but they are only facing the enemy one at a time instead of facing them together. Come on guys, win 1 for the hometown. Win 1 for your fans. Win 1 for your family. Win 1 for all the good times. Win 1 for the Black and Silver. Win 1 because, deep down, you can.

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