I feel like the spurs, but it was fun

So, after a pretty bad day in baskeball terms, I decided it was time to cheer up. And what better way to do that than checking the fantasy league "pounding more rock" I've been leading for a long while? After all, I was one day away from winning it with a 2 point lead. Nothing bad could happen right? WRONG!!! Out of nowhere "the duncan ultimatum" raised and tied the thing down. And Bushka was there to make a comical three way tie at the top. Ahhh... :( :(
Anyways, It was great fun joining my first fantasy league. Aside from checking every day how my team was doing, it changed a bit the way I looked at the nba. I started to cheer for teams and players I would never have thought of. I even got pissed when some non-spurs players got injured.

I think I never got used to the messages section (I didnt pay much atention) and I made only one trade so at times I felt like I was playing against IA. But then I would see familiar PTR nicknames and smile.

It all started with a dreadful draft that I missed. So my team got autopicked. Just after the first day I took it as a challenge to make it to the top 3 at least while starting with an awful fantasy roster (at least compared to others). The only really good guy I got was Durant. He carried my team for the whole season. How did I acomplish my goal with a badly autopicked roster? The waiver wire. I signed and waived lots of players during the season. And almost every single one of them worked pretty nice (except Spencer suck). there any way we can play some sort of tantasy game in the playoffs?
I would LOVE to see that old game back were we would predict Spurs games and their point totals. Almost all the PTRers participated back then.


PD: thanks to all the people that participated in "pounding more rock". My only  complain would be to have a little more feedback between the owners (a little of mea culpa on that)

PD2: Marcin Gortat you rock. You are like Tiago and Blair fused into one super center

PD3: I actually signed Sonny Weems for a couple of days and he averaged like 26 points for me. Sonny frickin Weems. Strange times.

PD4: I know that only like 2 and 1/2 people will read this post. Im sorry, you cant get your time back. I can give you the best singer EVER. I love the haircut

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