QuickCap #76 - San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets


Link to Part I: Click here for Part I
Link to Part II: Click here for Part II

Roll Call:

Roll Call: mission20, bellasa, Josh Guyer (completely deck), Hipuks, sleep research facility, SpursfanSteve, quincyscott, cojones2thewall, CreatureOfTheNight, Tim C., MikeyKosa, Heman, BrunoNba, LatinD, eastbaysd, majorleaguejerk, TD21, pablitoo, the new Bradfather, venezuelanspur, spursfan87, kchav21, doubleteapot, Spurs Kiwi, richbruiser, TDzilla!, oldtimeyspurfan, cartoonspurs, WaveOcean, Big50, CarBahia, DrumsInTheDeep, DocRostov, Ayatollah, KOE33, Confidant, NYHorn, In the 666, hurts2bgood, One4theThumb, DunkinDan89, fanoftheunderdogs, biolb, Chin0, Argento, SleepCrack, canallon, Sh!fty
Total Users: 48
Total Posts: 1500
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
sleep research facility 157
Hipuks 110
DocRostov 102
spursfan87 95
BrunoNba 90
eastbaysd 84
LatinD 77
CreatureOfTheNight 77
doubleteapot 73
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 73
Spurs Kiwi 57
venezuelanspur 47
WaveOcean 41
MikeyKosa 40
pablitoo 33
mission20 29
kchav21 27
oldtimeyspurfan 27
fanoftheunderdogs 25
quincyscott 25
richbruiser 24
the new Bradfather 19
NYHorn 17
DrumsInTheDeep 17
TDzilla! 17
cartoonspurs 14
KOE33 14
CarBahia 13
Big50 12
biolb 9
cojones2thewall 9
One4theThumb 7
Chin0 7
hurts2bgood 7
Confidant 6
Heman 3
canallon 2
Sh!fty 2
Argento 2
DunkinDan89 2
SleepCrack 1
In the 666 1
Ayatollah 1
bellasa 1
SpursfanSteve 1
Tim C. 1
TD21 1
majorleaguejerk 1

Box Score:

Game Bullets:

  • Spurs start out the game eerily similar to last night versus the Celtics. Parker taking over early.
  • I wasn't here during the second quarter, so who knows what happened.
  • Out of halftime, Pop started Blair. ME LIKEY. It just seemed right. I'll take a guess and say Blair starts again next game?
  • Spurs have a huge defensive 3rd quarter, holding the Rockets to 23 pts.
  • Spurs start the 4th well, but struggle shortly thereafter, allowing the Rockets to go on a small run.
  • Spurs struggle to finish the 4th quarter. George Hill with a costly turnover sends the game into overtime.
  • Spurs cannot convert in overtime. Very careless mistakes.

GameThread Magic:

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