This was the F*** you all game

This wasnt just a simple game. Dont ever for a second believe that this was just another game for the methodical, proffesional spurs.


Hear me people, this is the most invested, focused and determined I have ever seen the spurs on a regular season game. And it was a big "F*** YOU" to the whole media, to ESPN, and to the rest of the NBA.

Tonight, the spurs let out the real beast. Popovich and crew sent a message: "we are 51-11 and we were fuckin coasting the whole time"

Dont believe me? How do you explain Tony Parker coming OUT OF NOWHERE from a suposed 4 week absence to play just like he was never injured? As it was pointed out at 48minutesfromhell, even on the shootaround and just before the game parker was acting like he wasnt at full strength. It was just a big conspiration to fuck with miami's game plan.

When was the last time Tim said "GAME OVER" in the first quarter of a game? Heck, when was the last time he said it in ANY quarter of any game?

Did you see Parker getting pushed violently by Dampier and laughing his ass off afterwards?

I think that the Spurs were getting ready for this game, getting ready to show the world who they are, how good they can be at full strength. They were determined to embarras the heat. But in Spurs fashion: with extra passes, with great rotations, playing as a team. Yes we were showboating, but in a way only the spurs can. We insult other teams by playing smart, unselfish basketball. And tonight, we did it for most of the 48 minutes.

So Fuck you ESPN and casual fans. We just destroyed your dear "team", if we can call it that. And it was all part of the plan. Pop already knew this was a win long time ago. He is a genius like that. He has tiger blood and adonis DNA.

Oh...and we rested MCdyess so he can make another winning tip in against the lakers on sunday.



FUCK YOU, WE ARE FUCKIN GOOD. We are tired of flying under the radar, but we'll keep it that way until games really matter. Tonight was just a little sneak peak., our guys having fun, enjoying to be so so so good as a team. Well get back to coasting for three quarters and closing the game in the 4th really soon.


Oh and....FUCK YOU LEBRON. And FUCK YOU WADE. Tell me how Matt bonner ass tastes.

AND BOSH? You are a joke. You let Lebron transform you into Drew Gooden.


(Last time I post drunken, I promise)

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