It's Hard Out Here...For a Spurs Fan: Post-Game Reflection

Note: There is some ranting, potentially heretical language, controversial stuff (damn right that's generic), and philosophical digression. However it ends with a hell of a jewel! Keep reading if you're courageous enough--or just skip to the bottom, your choice.

Note 2: Hopefully there aren't too many spelling errors in this post. I typed it energetically and then quickly published it.

"Goddamnit!!!", "NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "Back door....back, no, alley-oop...Ah shit!", "Son of a biscuit!", "No foul! That's a bullshit call!", "AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is a list of some--certainly not all--of the remarks made by Spurs fans these past two turrible games against the Nuggets and Trailblazers respectively. I confess I have made and thought some of these remarks myself. If you feel motivated, add as a post below this fanpost. We could all use the opportunity to vent.



This is how I feel!


I had the pleasure and misfortune of being in Portland this past weekend journeying from my temporary residence in Spokane, WA (I say temporary because at some point I will move; these past six-seven years I have lived here I have never considered myself a 'Spokanite' and never will). I have now returned to Spokane and one of the first things I did was jump onto Pounding the Rock to see what's happening.

I knew going into this that there would be some gloom and doom; I honestly felt bad for whoever ended up having to do the recap for the Portland game. I found myself surprised first that it was JRW who wrote the recap, second, the format of his recap, and third, the similar thoughts he and I both shared after this game ("Sir, did you pick my brain?").

His conclusion is unsurprisingly the same as mine: we need the GOATPUFF. This team just is not the same without him. Watching the Spurs play the Blazers--yes I was there!--you could sense not only the physical, but the psychological hole that was left by the Big Fundamental's absence.



"Something happened baby in my life, the minute I saw you..."


But I am impressed!

"Whatcha talking about Augustus?"

"I am impressed by our level of play, good sir!"

"Cracker please, we led in both games, blew the lead in both games, and substantially lost some wiggle room in our quest for home court advantage!!!"

Damnit, I am depressed by our losses. They are certainly difficult ones to stomach. However, I am impressed by the fact that we had a chance of winning games, which may not mean anything to anyone else but means a hell of a lot to me.

A year, two years, three years ago--take your pick of any year after 2007--I do not think we had even the level to compete against these competitive teams let alone win them with the loss of Tim Duncan. In other words, take the Spurs team from a year, two years , put it in front of Denver or Portland, and they would most assuredly have been blow-outs. Shiz, it hurts to have the fruit of victory raised a hair above our reach after most assuredly coming close to grasping it. However, we have tremendous depth and while I expect a bumpy road until Duncan can return, I expect the team to figure out a temporary solution and win a few. Granted we will not go far without the gentleman in question but I believe he will make a speedy recovery in time for the REAL SEASON to begin. 


"Friends, countrymen, Spurs Fandom: I come not to mourn our past defeats but to praise a brighter future!"

"Have you not seen, Spurs Fans, have you not heard? Why do you look for defeat amongst the glories of this spectacular season?"



We know the REAL season is the playoffs, or is our memory truly a reflection of the greater basketball community and we have forgotten? These past two losses are troubling and I am concerned, but I will remain indifferent to anything that occurs before the playoffs begin--only then will I be sweating if we pull off the 2010 Massacre.*

This team WILL make a run! We will be healthy and we will compete! I don't know how far this ride may go but I'm sticking to it. This season has been far too entertaining to fold so easily, which is, regrettably, what some have already begun to do.

---------------------------End of rant--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And now I would like to climb back up to my ivory tower and reflect philosophically on what occurred at the game that was of interest to me.

1. First Game, Last Time: This was my first and probably will be my last NBA basketball game (unless of course I somehow make it to San Antonio). It was entertaining in some respects though I was surprised at the size of the Rose Garden, the energy of the fans, and the mass-market feel. Overall the Garden seemed smaller. I could make out Sean Elliot at the other end of the gym, but he wasn't really too far from where I was (Entry A22, Section 119, Row C, Seat 4). Curious. Nice stadium though and a loyal fan base was pretty awesome!

2. Tony Parker IS FAST: The T.V. sorta does the Acheron justice, but not enough. The "Wee Frenchman" is damn fast and when he's blazing, he will either score a lay-up, get fouled, or make the lay-up and get fouled. It was a pleasure watching him play. Spurs fan should love him more (a fanpost coming soon)!

3. Ginobili is a crafty devil. That is all.

4. Pop's Coaching: I was surprised at one aspect of the game--perhaps you veterans can enlighten me. Several times during the game I looked over when the Spurs were taking a timeout. Rather than seeing the players huddle around Popovich, I saw the players huddle around another player, presumably Ginobili, while Popovich consulted with his assistant coaches. Is this customary? Am I so far removed from basketball that I have missed a common practice? Or is this just Pop letting Ginobili corral his team and practice being the the floor? Fascinating.

5. Reffing: Isn't this the second game where the reffing has gone very much against the Spurs? I know that this is a common complaint of fans of all teams across all sports. However I am nonetheless perturbed by this recent what I perceive to be a bias.

Meh...I thought I had more reflections but it's not coming to me right now. On to THE JEWEL.

-------------------------------------------THE JEWEL-----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Late Friday morning, after touring the Japanese Garden in Washington Park, I went over to Powell's (the largest book store on the West Coast). It is such a wonderful place by the way. I will go back there some day, purchase a coffee, and slowly ever so slowly peruse my way around the store.

Anyway, so I end up making my way to the Purple Room over to the U.S. Current Affairs, Economics, Globalization, International Relations shelf to pick up a copy of Thomas Woods Jr.'s "Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and the Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse" (Sorry, if you're looking for an appropriate term to describe me, you can label me "that guy"; that's what a friend did and I believe it was a compliment). I continued to scan the shelves looking for books of potential interest when I noticed an elderly man slightly taller than me standing near me.

I looked up from my book and over and laughed to myself, "Ha, that gentleman looks a lot like Gregg Popovich!" I then went back to my books for a second before looking up and over thinking, "The resemblance between this man and Gregg Popovich is uncanny." I then looked back at my book before once again looking over and finally realizing, "Good God! That is Gregg Popovich!"

That was a surreal moment. Truly, I have never really met anyone famous (except the former Episcopalian Bishop of Nevada  and current Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church). I was a little shocked to find the coach in the same aisle as my humble self! It was truly extraordinary and I was stunned so initially I said nothing and when I did say something, I tripped over myself. Eventually I did get out something to the effect of "It's a pleasure watching you coach this team. This has truly been a spectacular year!" He was very humble and gracious saying something like, "Well, I'm just an ordinary guy doing my job". I did not want to impose on him further so I took his leave shortly after, but damn, I met Gregg Popovich (and I shook his hand)!

What makes the moment truly surreal was that I met him in a book shop. I didn't meet him before, during, or after the game. It was not in some official setting with an entourage. It was in one of the most basic settings and he dressed like it too. He was wearing black sweatpants and a white T-shirt, the kind you win for running a marathon. He was reading and I happened to be doing the same at exactly the same time in the same building, the same room, and the same aisle. Oh Fortuna, you weren't with me at the game, but by the magnificent heavens, you were there at Powell's Book Store!

Now the question arises: what was Popovich doing looking at books in the U.S. Current Affairs section? Undoubtedly PTR's legendary "CIA Pop" theories cannot be too far off.




*The 2010 second round of the Western Conference Playoffs between the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns, which ended in shameful failure.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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