FakeCoachPop twitter press conference recap

I'm not sure how many of you have twitter, so I'm going to bring you the joy that FakeCoachPop brings to the rest of us.  Perhaps next time we can collaborate on some questions for him to answer.


Gregory Popovich How I could pin it on Richard Jefferson RT @: What was your first thought when Timmy went down?

Gregory Popovich Owed Karl one for picking up dinner check RT @: What was with the playcall at the end of the nuggets game? Manu iso?

Gregory Popovich Not worth the lawyer fees RT @: How hard was it not to just run out and punch Al Harrington whenever he pranced around?

Gregory Popovich I find out who the Mavs like, then cross them off my list RT @: How do you scout college players?

Gregory Popovich Tim's 4 days into a Video game bender. I know better to interrupt RT @: No question just tell Tim to suck it up and get out there

Gregory Popovich Consider it his Spring Break RT @: Is Duncan's "injury" fake just so he can rest? I saw the thumbs up from Will out of the tunnel

Gregory Popovich Kansas, just so RC will shut up about it RT @: Who ya got in the NCAA tournament?

Gregory Popovich They working Valet? RT @: With the recent success of the , how confident are you in meeting them in the NBA finals?

Gregory Popovich Bowen told him exactly where to land RT @: Did Duncan get injured to get out of a road trip?

Gregory Popovich Я не коммунист. Но я люблю Сталина [I am not a Communist, but I love Stalin] RT @: People I know have branded you a communist. Thoughts?

Gregory Popovich I'd like it in the American Airlines Arena RT @: When your name gets hung on a banner after you retire, next to Duncan?

Gregory Popovich I already have Steve Novak. Not trying to be Hoosiers here RT @: What would be your approach in coaching Jimmer? Any interest?

Gregory Popovich If by us you mean Herpes. It's likely RT @: Do you think the Mavs will catch us with tim out?

Gregory Popovich No, but I do have a rash. Indian Food tears me up RT @: Do you have Jimmer fever?

Gregory Popovich I like the Beauty and Beast lineup RT @: Ur not really gonna play Bonner/Blair at the same time in the Playoffs right?

Gregory Popovich Guess we better quit now. RT @: Some say u guys won't make it to Finals this year. What u say bout that?

Gregory Popovich No. He's a sleeper agent for the Serbs RT @: Would you ever put coach K on your coaching staff?

Gregory Popovich No. Just 98% of them RT @: Do you agree that players are generally selfish, stupid imbeciles?

Gregory Popovich Not familiar with the bathroom patterns of either to comment RT @: Tiago or Jefferson? which is gotta go?

Gregory Popovich Brown? I'd take Devin before Kwame RT @: With Timmy out, are you disappointed you didn't add Kwame at the deadline?

Gregory Popovich The Trunk RT @: Which seat should Rebecca Black take??

Gregory Popovich Better than 65% for Avery RT @: What was it like to find out 3% of the players in the NBA thought you were the most annoying coach?

Gregory Popovich My job description reads. Coach of Basketball, not Attention Whore RT @: What would it take to have you miked up for a couple games?

Gregory Popovich I was hammered last night. Thought I signed Caron Butler RT @: Is Da'Sean Butler your secret weapon in the postseason?

Gregory Popovich He couldn't get time off from Walgreens RT @: Since Timmy's recent injury, have there been any calls to Kevin Willis?

Gregory Popovich Rookie, Guard. Wears #14. RT @: Just who exactly is Gary Neal?

Gregory Popovich Bonner will be here longer than me RT @: If Novak's emergence proves to be consistent, is Bonner expendable?

Gregory Popovich Better rotation from the wings is a must RT @: How are you going to counter teams trapping Parker when he comes off screens?

Gregory Popovich I have one rival. I see him everyday in the mirror RT @: What are your thoughts on the coach B? Is he a rival?

Gregory Popovich Pansy ass players, pansy ass coach. I haven't had fun since I was 12 RT @: Thoughts on Melo saying Knicks need to have fun?

Gregory Popovich Mimes RT @: Who asks better questions, Twitter or reporters post-game?

Gregory Popovich They don't make my size. I'm a 19 RT @: Do you have a pair of matt bonners new balance shoes

Gregory Popovich None. I'd prefer all games be played in a private gym w/ no fans or media RT @: Do you have favorite airline arena to play in?

Gregory Popovich Terry Cummings RT @: Who plays better defense - Manu's twins or Bonner's kid?

Gregory Popovich 1985 with Larry Brown. Back when kids cared about fundamentals RT @: What was your favorite year of coaching and why?

Gregory Popovich With a name like Peter Burns, I doubt he knows much about women RT @: Thoughts on @ 's women are NBA teams tweet?

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