Trailblazing My Way to THE GAME

After leaving my humble residence on Palatine Hill and riding a chariot for hours on end, I rest now on a couch in preparation for the Blazers-Spurs game tomorrow. Yes, this will be my first Spurs game that I have attended. You can't imagine my disappointment that I won't be able to see the GOATPUFF, but such is life. I bought my ticket months ago; it is better to watch the team play one game than to go my entire life without seeing them play in person.Here's some music celebrating what will be a fun day tomorrow:





The The - This Is The Day (via electrozaps)


Wednesday's game sucked--very little much more can be said. It was a disappointing finish to an intense game all the way around. I much prefer the story-line "Spurs lead most of the game, almost give lead up, but then finish strong to smack down Nuggets" than "Spurs lead most of the game and then finish terribly, their meltdown shaming the Spurs franchise for days on end'.

However I do have hope for this upcoming game, though the Spurs' success has been limited here. I can't even fathom the notion that the Spurs will allow themselves to lose a second game straight even without Tim Duncan. Though they be on the far side of the world, this team is the franchise, this team is San Antonio.

Will we win? God I hope so. For the sake of simplicity, this is my first NBA game; I would prefer it culminate in a triumph win . I am sure we can beat the Blazers even without the Big Fundamental. After seeing the solid play of Parker and Ginobili and the STELLAR play of "The Neal", I know this team can compete; it's just a matter of will they.

I will be delayed of course but I am considering creating an unofficial second-hand recap, something easy to sink your teeth into as you await the next Spurs game. If I do it, it will include some hopefully non-blurred pictures and some decent game analysis with very little statistics.

Augustan Approval of the Day: The City of Portland

I have to admit, I could live in Portland! Granted I am in a small, intimate neighborhood--it might not be accurate to judge the rest of the city by this small area of joy. With what little I've seen however, I am impressed. The people seem fairly welcoming and the city is dotted with local businesses all evidence of a growing local economy. Though the freeways are a pain, once one is in Portland, it is best to just park your car and explore the streets. I intend on doing that tomorrow with excursions to the Japanese Garden, Powell's (the largest book store on the West Coast), and perhaps the Portland Art Museum (PAM).

I like the Trailblazers as a franchise too. Their fan base is respectable and their players are hard-working. Despite being plagued with more injuries than any other franchise, this team has found a way to make it to the playoffs on a fairly even keel. Though the playoffs are far from set, I could see this team giving the Lakers or Mavericks trouble (perhaps even cause an upset!).

That's all for now. I will check back with you ladies and gentlemen later, hopefully after an important win in an awesome city.

Senatus Populusque Romanus

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