BJ Wonders: Fan Confidence

I wasn't happy about that last game, I'm not sure if any Spurs fan was. No matter which way you look at it a 30 point loss is a 30 point loss. Our defense was lazy. Our offense was not engaged. We were out-hustled and out-played in just about every part of the game. This is the second time we've gotten blown out like this in the last month. So Spurs fans, all of you who haven't jumped off the wagon, are you worried yet? Are you concerned about these losses moving forward? I might be crazy but I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Jump with me and you'll understand why.

Have you guys noticed these cool little fan confidence graphs on all these sbnation blogs? Do you guys ever actually vote on them? Seems like the Spurs graph always shows our confidence somewhere around 90 percent. Seems like we really like our team's chances. Nice. Nowadays, however, that graph looks to be decreasing ever so slightly. So....does it mean that we are losing hope, ever so slightly? Well you can go ahead and put me down as one who hasn't lost any hope.

As I said, the game was absolutely painful to watch, and it could have caused anyone to have second thoughts. Just before I hit the panic button, Pop said a line during one of his timeouts that brought me back home. "This is about the big picture" he said. Simple right? But this simple line is a perfect example of what pounding the rock is all about. Whenever you have a coach who practices what he preaches you can't help but respect him and follow his lead.

We joke all the time about Pop not caring about some games but this game really showed it. Pop simply did not care that he was losing by 30 and used this game as an opportunity to get his guys "a good workout." Really? What other coach in this league could pull that off? Pop is just awesome.

Regardless of what people say about our defense, our size, our age, I am still confident that this team can win it all. I'm not expecting a sudden change in the way we play once the playoffs start. I'm not expecting us to turn on that "switch" like some people want. But I do expect us to be ready for the playoffs. Whatever that means. Regardless of how things have gone recently I believe in this team. Some people call me naive, but I've come too far with this team to give up on them now. I'm not ready to quit pounding that rock.

There it is. You ready to hit it?

My opinion is mine and mine alone. What do you guys feel? Is it panic time?

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