Spurs Greatest Threat in the West


Unfortunately, things have been turning a corner recently for the Mavericks's in all the right ways.

The Mav's have won 12 of their last 13 games, Peja Stojakovic finally is looking like a decent contributer off the bench, but as you know Rodrigue Beaubois sat out the first 54 games recovering from a foot injury. His hype grew exponentially by all Dallas Mavericks fans. MMB was short of calling him Jesus while only wearing a suit on the sidelines through more then half of this season. Cringingly, even Cuban joked lastnight that Beaubois would enter wearing Superman's cape, accompanied by the Mighty Mouse theme. Of course this would make anyone gag, but it was the first showing for what the Mavericks claim as their "Tony Parker clone" started the season.

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle kept DeShawn Stevenson in that spot perhaps out respect. But it took just 2 minutes, 7 seconds for Carlisle to bring in Beaubois, who laughed at the pregame video clip resurrected from last season of the movie "Rudy" that superimposed Beaubois' grimacing face on Rudy's body as he rumbles to make a tackle, all the while the crowd chants, "Roddy! Roddy!"

ANYWAY, Beaubois had 13 points, six assists, three steals and three turnovers in his first 21 minutes back lastnight. What concerned me most was that seven players were in double figures. I know, I know it was against the Kings, in Dallas; however the Mavericks are locked and loaded once again in depth. Most importantly, the Mavericks won for the 12th time in 13 games, although this one was a bit weird. The starters didn't take a single free throw, Dirk Nowitzki didn't score a single point in the second half!!!!


Could the Mavericks be moving away from their complete depency which has revolved around Dirk for so long? I am more concerned because the Mavericks used to be very one diminsional with Dirk as there cruch and no interior defense.

When I say their play had been one dimensional, I mean that it was similar to that scene on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. "If you get the ball, what play do you run?" the team would always have to respond, "Pass it to Will(Dirk)" with the usual threat of doing laps with Carlton (Jason Terry).

Obviously the Lakers have several problems going into the All-Star Break, but the Mavericks clearly are greatest threat in the West to the Spurs right now. Either way I pray LA and Dallas play each other first in the Post-Season, so we don't have to to another gauntlet of teams like last year.

What do you think? Spurs Yoda out, I am!

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