AG's Contributions Per Minute Stat for SAS@HOU

Here are the numbers, read'em and weep

Rockets 0.47

Spurs 0.30
Martin 0.94 23.4
Blair 0.79 28.56
Lowry 0.91 27.18
Splitter 0.58 24.43
Scola 0.69 29.25
Green 0.50 12.28
Dalembert 0.40 20.17
Ginobili 0.37 19.57
Lee 0.35 21.53
Leonard 0.33 24.39
Parsons 0.32 16.34
Parker 0.25 27.05
Hill 0.30 20.32
Joseph 0.18 13.47
Williams 0.21 22.07
Anderson 0.16 21.38
Dragic 0.19 20.42
Jefferson 0.04 27.41
Budinger 0.10 18.01
Duncan 0.04 15.37

Bonner 0.01 16.21

Inside number is the positive contributions per minute, the outside number is minutes played

We can see that our backcourt was not as dominate as it had been in the first two games. Our frontcourt, outside Tim and Bonner, had a pretty good game.

Front Court Defense Rating SA -0.223
Back Court Defense Rating SA -0.447
Front Court Defense Rating HOU -0.168
Back Court Defense Rating HOU -0.117

Well, our Front Court defense was not too shabby but we got killed by Houston's backcourt combo of Lowry and Martin. Tony and Manu were put in check and the Spurs paid for it. Considering SA is a backcourt led team now, it is no surprise that they were blown out when their two guards did not produce.

Here is a breakdown of the past three games

Spurs 0.30 SAS 0.49 SA 0.37
Blair 0.79 Ginobili 1.00 Ginobili 0.79
Splitter 0.58 Jefferson 0.73 Duncan 0.47
Ginobili 0.37 Parker 0.72 Parker 0.46
Leonard 0.33 Blair 0.71 Jefferson 0.41
Parker 0.25 Anderson 0.44 Leonard 0.41
Joseph 0.18 Duncan 0.35 Blair 0.37
Anderson 0.16 Ford 0.27 Anderson 0.37
Jefferson 0.04 Leonard 0.25 Splitter 0.18
Duncan 0.04 Bonner 0.24 Bonner 0.03
Bonner 0.01 Splitter 0.17 Ford -0.02
FCD SAS -0.223 FCD SAS -0.243
BCD SAS -0.447 BCD SAS -0.004
FCD HOU -0.168 FCD MEM -0.107
BCD HOU -0.117 BCD MEM -0.379

and here are the averages of the past three games

Ginobili 0.72
Blair 0.62
Parker 0.42
Jefferson 0.39
Leonard 0.33
Anderson 0.32
Splitter 0.31
Duncan 0.29
Bonner 0.09

Fred will pleased to note that Bonner, you are continually at the bottom for contributions to your team. Surely there is someone out there who could be a more productive big man than Bonner? Also, for the Blair haters out there, he has been our second most dependable player on the floor.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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