AG’s Contributing Winners and Losers MEM@SA

The individual stat represents how many positive contributions a player makes for his team per minute. A few of you may remember my earlier attempt at creating this stat but I have tweaked it a bit. Also, I have added two new elements based off of this algorithm. The Team contribution stat per minute has been added as well as a defensive stat that represents how well the backcourt/frontcourt of team does.

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SAS .37

Manu .79

Tim .47

TP .46

RJ .41

Leonard .41

Blair .37

&erson .37

Tiago .18

Bonner .03

Ford -.02

MEM .3

Gay .52

Gasol .42

Conley .36

Pondexter .35

Cunningham .32

Pargo .29

Randolph .29

Mayo .26

Young .08

Dr. Allen -.09

We see that the Spurs' players averaged .37 positive contributions to their team per minute. While the Grizzlies' players averaged .3 positive contributions per minute.

The top players of the game were Manu (.79) and Gay (.52). If you watched the game, you noticed that Manu dominated the game anytime he was on the court. This is reflected by his dominating positive contribution rating of .79 contributions per minute. On the the other end of spectrum for the Spurs were Bonner and Ford. Ford was actually so out of sorts that he did not have a positive contribution rating.

Not surprisingly, the BIG 3 led the Spurs to victory with their contribution ratings of .79, .49, .47 respectively. We also witnessed RJ 3.0 and a certain rookie with very large hands contribute at a high rate.

Dr. Allen may have his medical license revoked if he keeps this kind of play up.

Bonner and Ford. Hope you two have a better game next time but honestly, I don't expect too much from either player. Bonner is good in short stretches but Pop had to play him more due to foul trouble and with the compressed schedule this will not be an aberration. Ford, you might grow on me but I was hoping that the Spurs would sign Boykins, whom I believed was a higher quality back up point guard for the same $$$.

The number for the defensive stat is how many positive contributions had been allowed per minute by the opposing frontcourt/backcourt.

The lower the number, the better the defense.

SAS Front Court Defense Rating: .243

SAS Back Court Defense Rating: .004

SAS Total Defense Rating: .247

MEM Front Court Defense Rating: .107

MEM Back Court Defense Rating: .379

MEM Total Defense Rating: .486

Stats are stubborn things.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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