Pre-Season Game 1: AG's winners and losers

Hey fellow £ers. I may or may not make this a regular post game fanpost. But I am putting it out there for this one.

First, my rating system. There are positive stat points and negative stat points.

The offense based positives:

While deconstructing basketball, I arrived at the most important occurrence in the game: scoring points. For those of us out there, and most £ers are, who love defense, scoring points does not seem like it would be the most important bit. But defense is so great because it is concerned with the scoring of points, albeit by one's opponents.

Because scoring of points is the most important occurrence, then it is given the highest point rating: 1.

Next in importance is possession of the basketball. A team cannot score the ball without the basketball. Thus, possession is the next most important happening in a game. Assists (dimes) are both possession and scoring (.75). Offensive rebounding allows your team to keep possession of the ball after a miss by a teammate (.62).

The offense based negatives:

Turn Overs are the opposite of possessing the ball, therefore Turn Overs are counted negatively, -.5. Missing a shot allows the opposing team a chance to possess the ball and thus, score. Missed field goals count as a -.62. Why .62? If you take the average shooting% 50 and the average defense rebounding rate 75% and average them, you get, not approximately, but close, .62.

The defense based positives:

Defensive rebounding takes the possession away from an opponent (.5). Steals do the same (.5). Blocks are more unpredictable in their results, so they are assigned (.25) points.

The defense based negatives:

No, personal fouls are not always negative but I have assigned them a negative value (-.25) to reflect both the possession of the ball by the opponent and the chance of an opponent scoring opportunity (FTs).

Each stat is now assigned a value. Stats are summed and then divided by minutes played. The result is a numerical value under 1. Tony had a great game during the playoffs last year were he scored, under the rating system, in the .9s. This is they highest rating I have seen to date. Scoring a 1 would be a 'perfect game'.

Ok, the meat.

Top three based on the rating system:

Blair .606

Bonner .576

Manu .564



Bottom three based on the rating system:

Anderson .054

Novak .074

Joseph .166

The numbers are Here

ignore Sheet 1, as it was a project I was working on but is unfinished

Sheet 2 is the ratings for last year's Centers

Sheet 3 is last year's Power Forwards

Sheet 4 is last year's Spurs

Sheet 5 is the Spurs vs the Rockets preseason game 1

According to the system, the most efficient player on the court last night was Blair. Surprising because on the game threads he was hammered for his lack of play. Anderson was praised for the most part but had the worse rating out of any Spur who played 10+ minutes last night. &derson was horrid! 1/8 is shameful and totally inefficient! So the rating system appears, in this case, to exist in a seemingly opposite world than the perception of most of us who watched the game. Strange but Stats are stubborn things.

Critiques welcomed

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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