This has nothing to do with Spurs Basketball

I'm reminded of that sinking feeling when you wake up, dry mouthed, head pounding, sweat pouring out of you, only then to realize that you're half naked and locked inside your own car. Yeah that feeling. But that's not the worst part... The kicker comes when you turn on the car radio and hear Kidd Kraddic's jolly ass on the morning radio. That's when it hits you... This. Is. Not. Saturday. You're correct! It's Friday and because you thought it would be the bomb (that's right, I'm bringing it back) to tie one on last night with your own bottle of Tito's, you're now 10 minutes late to the weekly production meeting.

Fortunately, since you never made it home last night, you're actually closer to work than home (I know, God works in mysterious ways). Weaving through traffic, you fly into the parking lot, grab your shit and quickly throw on that awesome 1996 Eddie Bauer pullover that your mother gave you for Christmas... in 2009. Barreling through the parking you envision yourself as Tony Parker, swiftly darting past defenders with a quick first step. In reality you resemble Matt Bonner on an full court breakaway... uncontested (either way this ends, it's not pretty). Sweaty, out of breath and reeking of stripper, you push open that conference room door. You're greeted by silence, blank stares and you even notice a coworker shoot you one of those, "I can't tell if these underwear are dirty so I better sni... OK these are dirty."  kind of looks. The full weight of the FML moment hits you. With no way of explaining yourself, the only honest thing you can say is...


Hey guys, sorry for being late.

It most certainly has been a minute since the last time I stopped in. And for that I apologize. My life has been extremely busy since our beloved Spurs bounced the Mavs from the playoffs. I spent the early part of the summer filming our movie, Searching for Sonny. After that I spent some time shooting on the set of Fox's Lonestar (RIP) and saw firsthand how Hollywood likes to do it. In three days of shooting, Fox spent more money than the entire budget for Sonny. It was insane. In the fall, our team took several trips to Honduras to film medical mission trips. I can't put in words what a humbling experience it is to be on a lavish Fox film set one week and then the next week be in a makeshift hospital filming doctors as they do the work of angels. It was a much needed dose of perspective.

I'm sure most of you are already getting bored so I'll just wrap of by saying, I'm back. I've missed all of you guys... except SIMA. (We're bitter rivals in Fantasy Football and after I bounced him from this year's playoffs he only sends me bitter emails and text messages now.) I hope some of you leave a few comments on how you're doing. I'd love to hear from you.

BTW, I looked up Manu's season averages so far...

PPG   18.6 RPG   3.60 APG   4.9 EFF   + 18.76

Pathetic. We REALLY need to trade this waste of space. 


Now let's go beat the Celtics.

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