There is no way Pop doesnt rest Timmy and Manu

this was started in the team ranking post but i had to go more in depth and need more room to point this out


19680min total – 82 games X 48min X 5 positions

yes there could be overtime but that’s negligible i think


FC (pf-c) min 7872 total

Duncan 74 games X 30min 2220min

Deyss 74 games X 20min 1480 min

Blair 74 games X 20min 1480 min

Spliter 74 games X 20min 1480 min

Bonner 74 games X 15min 1110 min

Total 7770min


BC (SF-SG-PG) 11808 min total

Parker 74 games x 31min 2294min

Hill 74games x 28min 2072min

Manu 74games x 28min 2072min

Jeff 74games x 31min 2294min

Anderson74games x 15min 1110min

Neal 74 games x 10 740min

Tem/gee 74games x 14 1036min

Total 11618min


This only accounts for 13 roster spots but it’s fair to say the last 2 spots wont get a lot of min whoever they are. This is assuming everyone misses 8 games (and therefore also builds in the approximately 8 games we want to rest Duncan and manu). With this conservative outlook both manu and Duncan sit a few more games then last year and overall play a fair amount fewer min.


I think this is a conservative estimate because in the front court we have accounted for almost all the mins even though Bonner/blair have almost the exact same min as last year and dyess less min. Bonner was out a few more games then 74 last year and Blair should see his min improve this year. I still think spliter will be ready and capable of more then 20min a game. Barring injury I can’t see how Duncan doesn’t see a career low in min.

In the back court it may seem like too many min given to unproven/new players in Anderson, Neal, Temple, Gee. But if you figure by all accounts Anderson is NBA ready and good for 15min a game, Neal is a shooter and if all he does is hit 3s we are getting plenty out of him, Temple played well enough to get 14min a game last year in limited time, and Gee is our only real SF other then Jefferson even if he only gets a few min a game I don’t think its too many. Also if any or all of these new guys under perform this estimate of min also has hill playing less then last year, parker playing less then he has in recent memory(other then last year cause of injury) and jefferson playing fewer then he has since maybe ever. If any of the new guys can’t cut it, it is likely parker/hill/Jefferson could take on a few more min easily to make sure manu get his rest.


This just seems too easy to limit their min. We all know Pop wants to do this and would even rest his main guys even if it cost us a few win so I don’t see how this doesn’t happen.

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