Goddammit! Now I'll have to buy both!

So Jordans going to be in NBA 2K11.  Fantastic.  Looking forward to playing with his character and beating the S*@t out of Kobe, once and for all.  Being a long time fan of the 2K series, I was quite wrapped about this news.  2K has been ahead of the game for the last 5 years and as I thought, obviously were ahead in the marketing department as well, with the signature of Jordan. 

I've bought both versions of the game for as long as I can remember, but the EA Basketball franchise left me a little disappointed after 09.  I didn't bother buying last years effort, and quite frankly I didn't miss it.  After 2K's signing of Jordan on the cover and in the game itself, I thought nothing had changed.  Especially since EA's only response was to change the title from 'Live' to 'Elite'.  You can't just throw away tradition like that.

But today, the world turned upside down.  Well, for me it did anyhow.  NBA JAM is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just for Wii which was anounced a while ago, but for XBOX and PS3.  I'm sorry, but this actually has me more excited than watching the underwater ballet scene in Piranha 3D.  NBA JAM 95 was the reason I became a Spurs fan (I am from New Zealand if you're wondering).  Robinson, Elliot and Rodman.  Oh the memories. 

Today Marc Stein at ESPN, a dude that is obviously just as excited as I am, anounced the rosters for the East coast franchises on ESPN.  The West will be anounced soon.  Here is the link to the Stein article, but I'm sure you've already seen it.

Just looking at the east rosters, there are some formidable match ups that spring to mind.  Upon seeing them, instantly my favorite team in the East became the Wizards.  Either Wall or Arenas paired with Manute Bol.  That's going to be amazing to see.

Every team should have at least one amazing duo from the available rosters thanks to the inclusion of the legends.  Yes, even Cleveland.  A few of the teams I'll be trying out.  Atl: Johnson and Smith.  Bos: Bird and Garnett.  Cha: Wallace and Jackson.  Chi: Pippen and Rodman.   Det: Thomas and Lambier.   Mia: Wade and James.  Mil: Jennings and Bogut.  NY: I can't decide, they'll all be amazing in this game!  Orl: Howard and Carter/Lewis.  Phi: A.I and A.I. 

All those teams to choose from.  And we haven't even heard about the west yet!  Thinking about the Spurs roster gives me goosebumps.  Duncan, Manu, Parker with probably Robinson and Elliot as the legends.  What combo do you use?  Duncan and Manu.  Inside outside?  Or do you go for the original Twin Towers?  It is a real shame Blair isn't there though.  He would be freakish in this game.

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