How Good or Overrated Is That Mysterious Team From Oregon, Portland?

Hello PTR,

I've noticed that the swath of PTRers, media, and general fan base have considered the Lakers to be the top in the west. Makes sense, of course. Now boy oh boy, its been another barrel of monkeys though trying to predict who that second seeded team might be and which, if any, team in the west has a shot to wave aurevoir to the Lakers and leave Kobe crying ala 2003.

I've noticed there has been a lot of discussion here at PTR about the Thunder, and of course our Spurs. Recently however, I've noticed a trend among some media figures predicting Portland to be the team to emerge out of the west this year with a chance of beating the Lakers.Yes, Portland is good. But are they that good? Check out their roster.

The Blazers Roster Here

Clicking on all cylinders, my bones make me feel like this team finishes 4th in the west this season, and like the Spurs, they have an outside shot at the Lakers. Sorry for buying into the Thunder hype, but I have OKC at 2nd, and the Spurs at 3rd.

Sure some of their vets lack championship experience, but they seem to have a dynamic roster with a lot of defensive and scoring options. Also, that Oden, Przybilla, Camby, and Aldridge rotation is ceraintly not Laker level, but is indeed  not a frontcourt to scoff at.

But PTRers, what do you think about this years Portland squad? Are some of these predictions and national hype that they might finish second warranted? Does this team have what it takes to finish in the upper echelon of western conference teams? How good is this team if they are full strength? As Spurs fans, how do we see them matching up with us standing-wise and game-wise? Should we be shocked if they upset the Lakers? Although seemingly unanswerble (and all to familiar question for us Spurs fans), can they stay healthy? Perhaps most importantly, where does this team rank in the west with arguably just as promising OKC, Spurs, and Dallas squads?

Also, while I've always thought Babbit's game was a little awkward, our F.O. really seemed to like him a lot. I think I recall RC commenting about how they were a little disappointed to see Luke get snatched up by Portland, but I'm not 100% sure about that, so please by all means correct me if I'm wrong there. That being said, does Babbit make an immediate impact on this squad this year? And with guy's like Babbit and others, just how deep is Portland's bench? Also, where do you think their depth ranks against other western conference teams?

A lot of questions I know, but I think its appropriate in the sense that so many questions surround this Portland team. So, PTR, I'd love to hear some of your answers!

Thanks PTRers!


This is my first post on the site. I started surfing PTR this summer, and I'm now addicted. I never cease to be amazed by how many amazingly witty, fun, knowledgeable, and downright awesome Spurs fans you guys are who post here!  You all rock more than a magical #5 with extra onions and jalepenos from Whataburger blessed by Zeus, an RC Buford with robotic super arms, Manu's Batman persona, and a Malik Rose with heat vision combined! Keep on PTRing!

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