Roger Mason Says He Has A BIG CHIP On His Shoulder

I will say that I am a Roger Mason fan and I will always be a fan of his, due to the fact that he hit some memorable game winning shots, he was fun to watch on the court when he was in the zone, and he was very nice to the Spurs fans all around San Antonio. But I have to say that when I read his twitter message , it made me wonder a little bit of what was going through his head when he posted it. This is what he tweeted:

  • Im headed to the BIG APPLE!!!!! With a BIG CHIP on my shoulder!!!!!! LETGO!!!!!!!!!!!!Knicks Fans, talk to me!!!!!! via UberTwitter



    I get the feeling that this chip is on his shoulder due to the fact that he feels that the Spurs organization did him wrong. I could be wrong about this, because we don't know what he was thinking, but this sure does smell like I am right.

    When the Spurs first signed Mason, he was given the keys to the vehicle, mainly due to big injuries that we had at the time. During that time period he was awesome. He was aggressive, he hit game winning shots, he even ran the point when needed and did an OK job. He was happy and so were all the fans who doubted the signing of this guy. Then when the injuries faded, so did Mason's confidence because he knew that his playing time was going to be reduced to the normal mins of a role player. Losing confidence is the worst thing that can happen to a shooter.
    He wanted so much to prove that he still deserved that extra time that it changed the game we new he could play. He held on to the ball too long, making it harder for the others to get off a decent shot. He put up some crazy shots, hoping that they would go in and impress the coaching staff so he would get his minutes back. He also kept trying to attack the paint and damn near failed everytime by missing badly or getting the ball spiked like a volleyball. Then he ended up getting injured, but decided to be quiet about it because he thought he had a point to prove and felt he could play through it. BAD IDEA!!!!  He was even worse. He started missing everything. He would miss shots that we knew he could hit with his eyes closed. Not only was his confidence gone, but our confidence in him was gone as well.

    I really feel that if Mason accepted his role mentally, that he would still be that guy that we fell in love with. That guy who hit big shots for us. That guy who we loved to watch knock down that 3-ball over and over again. That guy that busted Phoenix's and LA's asses when they thought they had the game won. That guy we loved to watch slap his hip and point up to the sky. That guy who made us run out and buy shirts and jerseys with his name on the back because we were proud to have him on our team. Mason worried too much about himself than the team as a whole. Although he kept quiet and said all the right things (aside from welcoming a trade) mentally he was pissed. Mason did this to himself....the Spurs front office didn't.

    Since Mason now has a chip on his shoulder please take time to answer my poll:

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