Reasons why I’ve lost faith in the front office in the past year.


1) Thinking trading for Jefferson, signing McDyess, and drafting Blair was enough.

It seems the Spurs front office decided boom or bust, don’t do anything until next year. (Maybe this was due to Holt involved with new CBA negotiations)

Stephen Jackson was available for the Spurs 7th (Bonner) and 8th (Mason) best players. Stephen Jackson ($7 mil) was off a season of 20 pts, 5 reb, 5 asst. One of only 6 NBA players. ( Kobe Bryant – $21 mil, Lebron James – $15 mil, Dwyane Wade – $15 mil, Chris Paul $12 mil, Andre Iguodala – $15 mil)

You’d think every team in the NBA would have 1 – 20pt, 5 reb, 5 asst player on it, good teams and especially bad teams, right??

Stephen Jackson @ half price for the next 3 yrs, had knowledge of Spurs system, proven winner (3 – 3ptr’s in 4th qtr of clinching game 6 vs Nets), wasn’t worth trading for?

The Spurs kept Bonner and Mason.

2) Not signing the last option on Ian Mahinmi’s contract for 1 yr – $1.78 million.

Now, I truly don’t know if he can play. But, he did produce 15 pts, 9 reb, in 21 minutes in the only game he played all year.

He was a 1st round draft pick in 2005 that the Spurs have invested an immense amount of time developing, waiting out injuries and now he’s healthy but he’s not worth 1 yr – $1.78 mil? Huh? I don’t get it.

Can’t wait to see the Ratliff type signing the Spurs get at the NBA minimum this year.

3) Not signing Bobby Jones to a 3 yr – NBA minimum deal, only with 2 yr’s guaranteed, and the 3rd yr buyout.

Bobby Jones was signed by the Spurs on a 10-day contract and let go. He has the potential to be a Bruce Bowen clone.

Why sign him?
1) The Spurs had just traded Bruce Bowen to the Bucks.
2) They needed a wing defender.
3) Bobby Jones had played for 8 teams during the season and was clearly desperate for a chance at sticking in the NBA.
4) The Spurs have proven the ability to help players grow and impove.
5) He would’ve been young and cheap

The Spurs signed Keith Bogans.

4) The team if the Spurs front office were on their game, the team would be the following:

PG – Parker, Hill
SG – Jackson, Ginobili, Anderson
SF – Jones, Gee, Hairston
PF – Duncan, Blair
C – Splitter?, McDyess, Mahinmi

Team Salary?
Assuming the full MLE for Splitter, $70 mil – right @ the salary cap penalty threshold, if Jefferson had stayed, only his salary would be solely responsible for the tax amount

Expensive(over $8 mil per) – Parker, Jackson, Ginobili, Duncan
Mid($3-$7 mil per) – Splitter, McDyess
Cheap(under $2 mil per) – Anderson, Blair, Jones, Gee, Hairston, Mahinmi, Hill

Old(27 & up) – Parker, Jackson, Ginobili, McDyess, Duncan
Young(26 & under) – Anderson, Blair, Hill, Splitter, Jones, Gee, Hairston, Mahinmi

Bigs – for Lakers – Splitter, Duncan, Mahinmi, McDyess, Blair
3 headed matchup for Kobe – Jackson, Ginobili, Jones

All but 4 players signed for 2011-12. Pop could limit minutes for vets during the season and develop youngsters for playoff time.

After signing Horry, Barry, getting Finley via amnesty, trading for Nazr, drafting Hill, Blair, Ginobili, Parker, etc., etc., the Spurs front office has seemingly taken a yr off and given up.

I hope this isn’t the case. Go Spurs Go.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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