Best Big Man Available?

Will the Spurs add another Big Man to give depth to the bench?

I suppose it comes down to who is available and how he can contribute off the bench.

Though I am reluctant to say it at first, I think Shaq needs the Spurs, and the Spurs could use Shaq.


I still like our chances of winning without him coming off the bench. But having him would improve our chances against teams with strong frontcourts (L.A. Boston, Orlando).

We could use some depth behind Tiago, TD, and McDyess.  If one of them is out for a stretch during the season, we will be playing small ball with our bench. In the playoffs, if TD, or Tiago get in foul trouble, then you have McDyess potentially on a 7-footer like Bynum.   

As for Bonner, I know we need his shooting, but interior defense is not his game.  

Shaq, in spite of his age and frequent injuries, offers what we have been lacking: a big man off the bench, who can block shots, clog the paint, and clean up on the offensive boards.

His value could go up in the playoffs, since you often have more half-court sets and defensive situational substitutions. It would depend on who we are up against.

As for those concerned about his locker room presence, wouldn't Pop and company keep him in line? 

After all, this team would be very different than any other he's played on.

By coming off the bench and taking a smaller role wouldn't he be in a position to be more reserved with what he says?   With SA being a smaller market than other cities, I think that would suit him and the team well.

Spurs should offer Shaq the vet's minimum. Shaq should realize his best chance at another ring is with us, and take it. The balance of power has shifted in the East, and teams like the Celitcs will have a tougher road to the finals because of Miami and Chicago.  I think the Spurs are primed for a return to the top tier of the Western Conference during the season, and a longer postseason. Adding Shaq would increase our chances of making a deeper run and hopefully winning another title.  

 If his asking price is too high, then I can see why it doesn't work. But otherwise, I'm stumped.

If I am missing something, please enlighten me.


Btw, this is my 1st or 2nd post on PTR. Been reading for about a year now.

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