Defensive Stoppers, a myth?

After reading a post from our resident leader (wayne vore, we love you grandpa!) and discussing a lot about what we need to round out our roster, the answer is always the same: "we need to get a defensive stopper!!".

Preach it ATS!

Maybe that should be a post. Who are the league’s perimeter defensive stoppers? Not guys who are athletic and long and COULD be, but guys who are known to bust their ass and work guys over.

How many of those really exist? And how important is to have a "defensive stopper" when he provides almost nothing on offense?

First of all, are they getting real results? A lot of them live on reputation, and they do bust their asses on defense, but they still get torched.

Even Bowen, maybe one of the best one on one defenders of all time, the only thing he could do to Kobe was "wakin up the Kobe chucker, taking out his teammeates out of the game"....that helped a lot, but he couldnt stop him, kobe always scored big against us and even efficiently. He still damaged his team that became dead cold from not shooting  the ball for long stretches.

Sometimes there's a big difference between reputation and actual production on the defensive end. Think about Marcus Camby, dude could only block shots and he got a DPOY. And sometimes a couple of good games or series makes us overrate guys.

Then there's the thing about "potential". Im sorry, but I HATE potential. Because 80% of the time that potential never materialize. A lot of guys get overrated on the offensive end just because they are "long, athletic" and have "potential". Think about the draft. The same thing applies on the defensive end. Its nonsense. Some of the best defenders ARE very athletic or long, but a lot of others dont. Bruce and Batter have good size, but you would never would put them on the same sentence with "atlhetic".

So in evaluating "defensive stoppers" around the league we should consider (in no particular order):

1-Does he get actual results? the oposing player shoots worse and gets more turnovers?

2-The offensive player gets "tired" at the end of the game from having to deal with said defender? Does that make a real difference?

3-Can he EFFECTIVELY guard more than one position? or more than one type of player? or is he only suited against certain players or matchups?

4-Is his offense or other contributions passable enough so they dont negate his defense?

5-Does he defend consistenly at a high level? Or he does takes games or possesions off?

6-Does he follow the defensive scheme? Or he forgets about it just to blanket the offensive player?




A couple of thoughts about some players:

-Ariza is overrated right now. He was incredible for the lakers, but when he is more involved on the offense he forgets about defense.

-Our George Hill is VERY overrated sometimes. He looks good against oposing point guards and certain Sg's. But sometimes he looks awfully awful. I think its a matter of experience, we will see....

-Right now Battier is the best of the best. Grate 1 on 1. Versatile. Follows the team's scheme perfectly. He also gives good orders and advice to his teammeates. Right now the best.

-Artest is a monster one on one, but can have his lapses on team defense. A huge plus when he keeps his offense controled.
-Raja Bell didnt play any meaningful time last season, but last time I checked he did get results on the defensive end, a real nightmare for SG's around the league.

-Posey is good, but limited against quicker players and getting slower and slower each day.
-Stephen Jackson sometimes is the best defender on the league....but that's not always the case.  Consistency is important!! Still very reliable on though games.

-Gerald Wallace has incredible defensive +/-, but I havent seen enough from he that good? Or are his numbers a reflection of Brown's schemes?
-Deng is incredible, but can only guard SF's.

-Kobe is an absolute nightmare on defense....for 5 mins a game (at the end of games).
-Rondo rondo rondo! he gets steals AND he defends. Like him a lot. Best defensive PG by a mile.

-Parker is SO underrated. Just ask guys like Paul or Nash. Still has problems with big point guards.

-Manu is an above average defender all the time. And he raises to the ocassion.Ive seen him have a bit of trouble with bigger players. Not an asset to defend SF's I think. 

-Rasual Butler is average. Stop that nonsense about being a defensive Stopper. He is the very definition of an average nba player. Average defense, average, offense, average shooting. Average average...repeat it with me! I still like him as a 10-15 mins SF off the bench.

-James Jones played for the suns. Then he couldnt get minutes on a Miami team that priorized defense around Wade. Need I say more?

-Barnes is not that good defensively. He is just above average. But he gets under people's skin. And he hustles a lot for loose balls and rebounds. He makes you win.

-Richard Jefferson is our "designated stopper". Yeah, that's one of the main reasons we sucked on that end. He is mediocre with the ocasional good showing against certain matchups. And he is so fuckin lost sometimes. Should get better this season though

-Lebron is going to win a DPOY on miami. He is that frickin good. Now that he doesnt need to carry the offense he will excel more than ever.

-Bogans was pretty good most of the time. But his offense negated much of the positive impact he had on D. The games he was hitting his shots he was so frickin awesome for us. But that only happened like 3 times all year.

-Udoka is a lot like Bogans, but a bit better at the defending bigger players.

-Temple is awesome. I sense something about him. Im starting to think that we should sell Hill high now and ride the Parker/Temple combo for years to come. Yes, im that high on him. And yes, George hill is amazing, but not as as a fit for us I think.

-I say "I think" a lot, just so you think that I express my opinions just as that...opinions. You are all wrong, I always say the unversal and irrefutable truth. Kneel before the Chilai

-The last point was a joke.

-and the last one is a joke its a double negation, so never wrong.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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