Did the Spurs miss the boat?

I'm happy that the Spurs landed Tiago Splitter.  I think he will make this team better in a number of ways.  What I'm wondering is why it took so long for the Spurs and Splitter to get a deal done.  I'm not sure one or the other is to blame, it may have been that both sides had things that kept them from being able to get the deal put together faster.  From my perspective it looks like the Spurs were waiting on that deal before they moved forward on other Free Agent talks.  From the looks of things that might have cost them a shot at the better FA's out there that they could have used.


Glad we got him, but...

Nobody, that I heard, thought the Spurs would get Splitter for around half of the MLE.  They did so giving themselves money to play around with in the free agent market.  Unfortunately, the real need of a proven 3 seems to be a hot item in this years market.  The Heat have snapped up 2 of them, in Mike Miller and James Jones.  Are the Spurs going to be able to use the money they so wisely saved for a FA?


We need him back...I know, I know, it's hard to really want that.

Who knows.  At this point re-signing Richard Jefferson is a top priority in my opinion.  I don't think, even with his shortcomings, there is a player near his talent level at his position left in the FA market.  I wouldn't mind seeing the young bucks from the Toros and summer league step up and make this team.  As I understand it, the Spurs this is the Spurs current roster:


Tony Parker, George Hill, Manu Ginobili, James Anderson, Malik Hairston and Garrett Temple.


Tim Duncan, DeJaun Blair, Matt Bonner, Alonzo Gee


Tiago Splitter and Antonio McDyess

This a team that looks a little thin at the forward and center spots.  Obviously, Hairston and a few other can move to the 3 and make that work, but without Jefferson our 3 spot is looking very suspect.  Also, I think it might be good for the Spurs to look into getting another big.  A veteran or an up and comer who can fill in time during garbage time or help fill in for injuries.

Here's a quick list of people that are available that might help fill out this Spurs roster (I did very little research, feel free to add to this list or let me know if these guys have already signed somewhere else).

Richard Jefferson (a must sign, as you will see from the rest of this list)

Matt Barnes (assuming his deal with the Raptors did fall through)

Rasual Butler (probably the best option at the 3 not called Princess Peanut)

Shelden Williams (a nice bench big who hustles, plays defense and isn't a big ego)

Joey Graham (might be a good defensive 3, but not much more)

Pops Mensah-Bonsu (he can dunk)

There are of course guys like Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto and others would might make decent deep bench options.  I don't know what the Spurs are going to do, but it looks like they've missed out on most of the better options in FA...that I know of anyway.  Let's hope the delay in signing Splitter doesn't end up costing this team their ability to sign some solid guys to help fill out the roster.

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