Half way through the Summer League, what have we seen??


Gee, Neal, Wilkerson, Watkins, and Jerrells are being able to showcase their skills with Blair, Temple, and Gist out.  They have played the majority of minutes in all three games.  They will probably do as least as good as a D league team.

Mitchell has played 34 minutes total in the two games he was in.  He was able to scored 22 points 6 rebounds.  Probably the D league.

Carldell ‘Squeaky’ Johnson has been a high energy player in his limited minutes, and may catch on overseas.

Denison, Dawson, Cuffee, and Lomers just appear to be space fillers.

In game One, Temple, Gist, Gee, Dawson, and Cuffee started.  Five players scored in double figures; Temple 11, Gee 12, Jerrells 11, Mitchell 12, and Neal 11.  After running the team in an excellent manner, Temple went down early in the third quarter and was done for the Summer League.  Jerrells stepped into the void that Temple left.  Mitchell came in for 12 minutes and was good for 12 points.  Neal was almost as good with 11 points in 15 minutes.  Gee led the rebounding with 8 and Watkins had 6.  The team had more steals 17, than assists 15.  Squeaky Johnson and Gee each had 4 steals.  Squeaky had 4 steals also.  The Spurs turned the ball over 28 times.  The team shot 50.9% 29-57, and 6-11 from three point range.  Temple and Neal were each 2-2 from downtown.  The team had a total of 38 rebounds, 7 offensive.  Blair had an injured calf, and was the only Spur who did not play.  The Spurs over the Timberwolves by 24 points, 85 – 61.

In game Two, Jerrells replaced Temple, due to Temple’s ankle sprain.  Dawson was replaced by Watkins, and Cuffee was out and Neal was in.  Four of the five starters scored in double figures; Gee 24, Jerrells 20, Gist 10, and Neal 16.  The starters played most of the game.  Wilkerson was the only bench player to get over 12 minutes and he was in for 24 minutes.  The bench only scored 14 points, Wilkerson had 7 of those.  The team got 10 less rebounds this game with 28.  Wilkerson led everyone with 7.  Assists were down to 9 and Jerrells had 4 of them.  There were still more steals than assists, with 17 steals, Jerrells and Gee had 4 each.  The turnovers were down by 8, but still had 20 turnovers.  The Spurs had a lead of over 20 and lost it.  And then had to fight back to get the win.  The team shot 45.2% 28-62, and 4-14 from long distance.  Neal was 3 of 7 from the 3 point line.  And the team had another player hurt; Gist got hurt just before halftime.  Blair was still out with his calf problem.  Spurs 89 – Hawks 84.

Game Three…Spurs and Lakers!  Every report I have seen and/or heard from ESPN and NBATV has something about the Laker Draft picks….Caracter and Ebanks.  This game, they did not look special.  I thought they were outplayed by most of the Spurs and Green and Strawberry on the Lakers.  Wilkerson replaced Gist on the starting five with Gee, Watkins, Neal, and Jerrells.  This game reminded me of a regular season game, in the neither team seemed out of running.  Anyone could have won.  Again 5 Spurs were in double figures; Neal and Wilkerson had 20 points, Gee, Mitchell, and Watkins each had 10 points.  The Spurs out rebounded the Lakers 35-31, led by Watkins 11.  The Spurs were 4-14 from the three point line.  Neal had all 4.  The Lakers were 1-15 from downtown.  The Spurs finally had more assists 10, than steals 9.  The Spurs turnovers were down to 12 but they were helped by the Lakers 19 turnovers.  The final was Spurs 80, Lakers 71.  Better, no one was injured.

The last two games will be on Saturday and Sunday.  I don't think much will change.  What have I missed?

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