The Spurs Bible, Book 1. The Dawn of San Antonio




Popovich counts the days of darkness.


In the beginning, Popovich created the world. A new world with a glowing golden torch that guided it through the darkness and shined bright as the sun. This was the world of San Antonio. Popovich stood tall upon the highest tower in San Antonio and looked out upon the land with his majestic white beard and torch in hand. And he was very pleased with his creation.





The torch is lit!


Long had Popovich searched through the darkness of the before times to find this power that would make his world whole. For 4 series he had searched, and at last he had it. But trouble now brewed over the horizon.



In the distance, Lord Popovich spied trouble very close to home. In his search he had trampled down red beasts and strange blue horses, and he found they resided near his holy domain. These beasts who plotted against him were Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. The Rockets held great power in their evil giant, simply known as Yao.





The red demons and the silent giant.


And the Mavericks had two hideously ugly demons, Dirk Nowitski and Jason Kidd.





Great and ugly evil awaits.


If Popovich were to defeat these infidels, he would need warriors of his own to face the darkness that lie in lands shared with San Antonio. A strange wizard he had met in his quest for the gold torch named Timothy Duncan would be his great warrior. But he knew that would not be enough to defeat Yao and the twin demons.





The hero Duncan who lit the torch, but lost a dear friend.


Duncan sat upon his ice throne, high in the mountains gathering his power. He was weak from his struggle alongside Popovich and his late friend and teacher Robinson. Duncan shed a single tear but did not change his stern expression as he remembered the one who had taught him his great powers. Just then Popovich opened the doors to Duncan's great chamber.


The wind ripped across Lord Popovich's beard, forming crystals that made his beard seem to glow. Duncan stood tall and angry.


"Who dareth to disturb my mourning?" he bellowed solemly.


"Tis I, the one who hath lead you and Master Robinson through the darkness towards the light that now lights your domain" Popovich replied with sterness.


"You are the one who hath killed my late Master, why should I not end you here?" Duncan snapped back readying to hurl his icy orange orbs.


"For great evil lurks who would steal the light of our days from this land. The land Robinson died for and we risked our lives for. Do you want to return to being a mere psot for I will make it so."


"My Lord Robinson would want to me to fight by your side once more. And once more I shall so that my Lord may not hath die in vain."


So Duncan accompanied Popovich through the scorching sun to a boat on the Gulf of Mexico. A young ebony skinned man stood with a massive shield on his back. Popovich told Duncan of the great defender of San Antonio, Bruce Bowen, who had kept the devious McGrady from stealing the torch during a raid in the night. Duncan was in awe of the brilliant defender.


Popovich, Bowen, and Duncan set out on their voyage to a strange land.


"Where art we going Lord Popovich?" Duncan said with newfound respect for his new master.

"A mysterious land far from our light known as France. There's word of a cunning and very fast young man by name of Tony Parker who is betrothed to a most beautiful woman," Popovich answered with a hiss regarding the questioning of Duncan, "what are you, a reporter?"


Duncan brushed the remark aside. Reporters were pestering beggars who sought answers to secrets and plans. They were considered vermin of the land for they would share their learned secrets with the world. Popovich needed secrecy to shroud his plans, lest the city of Los Angeles or the evil lands of Houston and Dallas try to move on him.


"We are here my Lord," Bowen called out as he defended Popovich against the mosquitoes throughout the night without breaking a sweat. "Like guarding Shawn Marion," he remarked with a smirk. Popovich and his two warriors wandered through the bizarre lands of France when a strange man raced past them. So fast that even Bowen the Great was bewildered.


"That's our man," Lord Popovich replied and Duncan abruptly cut him off, knocking the orange fireball he launched at the Wizard Duncan out of the sky. Popovich and Bowen caught up and stared the small warrior down coldly.


"We are need of your services, a great evil moves to take the light out of the sky above our land of San Antonio. We will surely fail to defend the light without you," Popovich replied with a coldness in his voice that instilled fear in the halfling.


Parker stood proud displaying his quickness with the orange fireballs as he bounced them all round his body before igniting a hoop nearby. "I am Tony Parker, and I shall aid you Lord Popovich. I respect your power and the power of this Wizard and your brave defender."





Tony Parker the halfling.


And so Tony Parker was drafted by the powerful warriors known as the San Antonio Spurs. But they still needed more powerful warriors before they could go against the evils in their land. And thus they got on their vessel once more, to travel to another land faraway where two powerful beings were rumored to dwell by name of Manu Ginobili and Fabrcio Oberto.

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