So RJ didn't fit in as well as we had hoped for. He simply tryed to become a player he wasn't and was plain out inconsistent. But that can be solved and by following these 16 steps RJ can be a valuable player for this Spurs team.

These 16 steps happen to spell out R.J.S.G.O.O.S.E.I.S.C.O.O.K.E.D. Each step well explain and go a little into depth was RJ needs to do to be somewhat worth the 15 million he is set to make and become a team playa.

R: Run,Run,Run like you used to do in NJ and every opportunity you get to run the fast breaks do it and convert for an easy 2 points!

J: Jefferson, remember Thomas Jefferson, probably you have no relationship to him whatesoever but please believe that you have the ability to become as great as him someday and let that fire ignite your RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

S: Show up, for heavens sakes you make 15 mill and fail to show up to most of our games. At least bring your game face to show you mean some business.

G: Game, remember how the magical shot clock seems to get smaller and smaller well thats because theres a game in progress and you happen to be playing in it. Please take some time and pay attention and keep your head in the game.

O: Others, Yes Richard there are other people on this team that would like you to not play like CRAP and start being a team player.

O: Open, if you happen to see one of your teammates giving you a dirty look I think that means give them the damn ball or it could mean stop SUCKING,

S: SPURS, remember who your playing for. Remember you not playing on a mediocore team and your with one of the classiest IF NOT the classiest organization in the league. Remember what the Spurs stand for and try to become and fit that mold.

E: Effective, when your on the floor figure out a way to be effective whether it be scoring, rebounding, or playing defence( preferably doing all 3 at the same time) just try to make the other team's lives alot more miserable. 

I: Ignite, Ignite the fire that burns within you and set off your RAGE(again preferably against the other team).

S: Shoot, playing in a system were your teammates create open looks for you doesn't mean they want you to play hot potatoe with the ball but they want you to shoot in and hopefully make it.

C: Comment, RJ I bet you didn't know this but by merely complimententing other players from the other team (NOT REFEREES) makes them feel like crap and causes them to loose momentum, loosing momentum means the advantage is on our side and Pop will be even happier. Examples include complimenting Gasol on his "softness" or on Robin Lopez's hair.

O: OBEY, obey all of Pop's rules and carry out whatever crazy schemes he plays and I will guarantee that your life will be a whole lot easier.

O: OLD, don't let this word bother you infact act like you don't even know what it means because you certainly are not old you just happen to be in your prime while everyone else happens to be the definition of OLD while at the same time imagine yourself staying young and full of life forever!

K: KILL, KILL, KILL, seriously kill somebody from the other team(preferably the other team's best player) as this would create an advantage for us. Whether you have to strangle them to death or merely stare them down doesn't matter just pick you poison and utilize it(again preferably against the other team's best player) to the best of your abilities.

E: Energy, honestly what happened to the RJ that was full of life who seemed to never run out of gas and keep playing hard even when you were getting you ass handed to ya. That's the RJ I want to see when you put on that uniform.

D: Defence, playing in a Spurs system means playing defence which your very well capable of doing to some degree but by helping you teammates guard other guys and DO NOT blow DEFENSIVE ASSIGNMENTS!

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