MISSION: Return the Sun to its proper orbit




We can do this.

I don't want to take away from what the Suns have done so far, but the Spurs are the more talented team - Phoenix has simply outhustled us so far. They have (to their credit) given their all on every play in the first two games, but it is difficult to keep that up over a seven game series, especially on the road. San Antonio is mentally strong and is well coached. If we can just cut down on the mental lapses and match or exceed their intensity we can beat them. We should be able to hold serve at home for the next two games and make this into a three game series.  Of course, let's take one game at a time.


Intensity Intensity Intensity. There is a balancing act - we have to get a sense of urgency but not panic. These are the Spurs - they can do that.

Keep going to Timmeh. He has gotten younger just in time for the playoffs and the Suns cannot stop him.

Slow down the Canadian and the ageless Grant Hill. I loved what we did to start the second game - collapse in on Nash every time he has the ball. It is difficult to contain a guard as little guys have a lot more room to operate, but it is a good approach. I still have hope - Nash and Hill both have a lot of miles on them and it is difficult to keep up that sort of energy and focus forever, especially on the road.

Tony has to take control and dominate Fisher. The Suns have not been able to stop him and he needs to keep being aggressive. He has done that so far, no complaints there.

Somebody other than Tim Duncan has to start making threes. The big guy is trying to lead by example again, but honestly I would much prefer to see him go inside. Bonner is trying to go inside and I would much rather see him camp out on the three point line. The Suns are collapsing inside and making it difficult to drive. Bonner and Hill have to make them commit to defending the three to allow more room for Tony, Manu and RJ to penetrate. Yes, also to make more room for Duncan but he seems to do ok anyway. It is really disappointing that *both* of our designated three point shooters (Mason and Bonner) have disappeared in time for the postseason.

Mason needs to stay on the bench. Yes, I am still in meanie mode. We need his (supposed)  shooting ability, but now more than ever we need players with confidence and swagger.

Rage has to sweat. He did that last game, no complaints there, just needs to keep doing that instead of taking every second game off. Yes, it would be nice if he made fewer mental errors, just like it would be great if Tony grew eight inches overnight and Manu suddenly sprouted his Rock Star hair back. RJ is who he is and I will take that when he is being aggressive.

Role players obviously need to step up, but I hesitate to make that a key as we cannot count on it and I honestly think we can win without their points if we can just ratchet up the defensive focus and intensity a bit.

Did I mention intensity yet?


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