The Truth(This is not Paul Pierce related---This is Spurs related:My mini/own recap of the suns-spurs game2)

What a game, a game that we should have probably won. I hate to say this but I kindly disagree when some might think that Mr.Gregg Poppovich doesn’t have any plans to win this game. But I surely agree that game one was a give a way shall I say, a game that was destined or planned to be lost but not this one. I really think that game one was like the Dallas series were Pop is trying to measure or see the guys that should play, wow imagine risking a game for that---it’s just my thought, but I guess that theory might be right. Going back to the Suns-Spurs game 2.I guess Pop might want to win this game---or not,but all I can say is that if he intends to win or lose this game and win 4 straight or have a game 7 all I can is that, Pop hopefully by now you know who to play and not to play.

Clearly we should have won this game. I won’t blame it on RQC’s but lets face the fact the Phoenix just outplayed us---on the boards, no matter what good defense we did by contesting their shots. And here are the facts that I have to admit and maybe you, which caused us our lost.

10 ways why we lost or 10 ways why Phoenix won

1. Phoenix’s offensive rebounds

2. Our free throw shooting

3. They have a better bench

4. They shot those dagger threes

5. For us to win it’s always Big three plus one, oh no it should be Big three plus two.(namely Hill and RJ and maybe 6 to 10 points plus hustle, defense and boards for Dice) and yes, Hill was not that good.

6. If they shot dagger threes, we shot bricks from threes.

7. Jared Dudley, yes another, random guy to have a big night, and yes he is not random, he plays that good even versus Portland, even if he has a poor shooting night, the guy will help them defensively though(talking about that Portland series).

8. Manu---How much I love you I got to admit the truth, since the nose accident that lead to that injury, you’re still aggressive on other ends of the floor, you still hustle, you still tip passes, you pass the damn ball---so unselfish, you go to the free throw line, throw your godlike body to the floor, still being aggressive but not that super aggressive unlike that 4 games you had first in Dallas, playing defense the way you do. Yes, despite shooting clutch threes in this series and go 1-6 from threes or from the field you are bringing us back,we deeply appreciate it, but for us to win this effing series we need you to average 16 or 20 and still go to the line so maybe you, averaging 24 or 26 or 20 won’t be that bad and hard right? I know your human and that nose hurts, so I just hope that it would heal faster than we would think.

9.Hill is effective in Dallas but not in Arizona. I love Hill and I would always go Hill before the word Parker. But we got to admit, again, TP is more effective in phoenix, he destroys their defense no matter how improved it is than the previous years. Hill should play in the 6 minute or 5 minute mark and if Gino sits and rests. And yes, Hill should be back to the hill, and play like this team is dallas and score 29 points again play defense when the quarter is ending, shoot corner threes, free throw jump shots and shoot some runners. We need you badly!

10.Our bench suck---except Parker



Way for us to win/Ways for Phoenix to follow for them to lose:

1.Improve free throw shooting---but we are San Antonio so hitting 70% is remarkable but not 60%,and paging Mr. Timothy Duncan please proceed to the game or to the gym and make some effing free throws go---you’re not Dwight Howard. Ok so maybe Tim thinks he is Ben Wallace.

2. Clearly we play very good defense, why not contest more shots in the perimeter. That would be great

3. Clearly Bonner is searching for some sandwich to eat cause his clearly hungry and can’t hit a three, bet Channing would do the honors to help Bon-Bon. So with this,Bogans is more effective and thus should play more minutes than what Bon is getting

4. And that leads to playing small ball. Yes small ball. Phoenix is smaller than Dallas and our team is pretty good in small balls so why not try and do it, try to capitalize on it huh.

5. Again its Big three plus 3 sidekicks

6. No Mason, his ojom!

7.Our guys doesn’t collapse, they are just outplayed, so why not focus more, I mean they don’t give up when they are down but when they are up its like they are very calm or complacent. No I won’t call it a quarter collapse, but I guess it is.

8. We need to get those 50-50balls.

9. That leads to—"Get the defensive rebound"

10.Which leads to---"Run down that offensive rebound". See the suns leading rebounders are not their big men, well Collins is not a good player and they don’t have robin, but what is their solution, letting their perimeter guys run those offensive boards. Leading rebounder, Grant Hill, Jason Richardson and the only big man, ‘’’’A’m’a’r’e’’’’ .See they chase it down or they go to the paint. In short these guys move. Can we move?!

11.Get Timothy going. Then don’t collapse

12.Ok lessen the turn over.

Over all our guys played better d than they are used to in 82 game and 3936 minutes of hell. Yes they have improved but other intangibles that they did to torch Dallas is not visible or seen instead our opponent phoenix is the ones performing it. And so if our guys can just continue to let PHX shoot 36% or 40% and improve their rebounding and hustle, then we have a shot to win this game or series in 6 if not Spurs in 7!


I still have faith in this team.

BTW, sorry for a very long post but I think San Antonio shouldn't force things up on shooting threes, against Dallas we were winning when we dominate the paint than they does. If we could just dominate and go to the paint almost every time and make it . Then on my opinion we are a better team if---Manu and Hill are the only guys, if you give me the authority,they are the only guys who are authorized to shoot threes. The rest—including Matty, if he plays needs to go to the paint, get fouled shoot 50% from the line, its fine as long as their players are in foul trouble. But shooting those free throws for 100% is much better and shooting 80% as a whole is better, but we are San Antonio it’ll be a miracle if that happens. Especially if your superstar is Ben Wallace, oops I mean Mr. Timothy Theodore Duncan. Hope we win this series, hope that we can, yes I believe, yes I believe in Ginobili and people should not believe the  king with no ring—seriously (shh they are the mavs of the east, underachievers but overachievers in the regular season, D told me they’ll meet in the ECF and win that ECF and he will bring Orlando back to the finals, he said hopefully versus us ,San Antonio).Sorry if the pic is not that good, Im not really good at it. Anyways just post your nice comments below. Thank You. :)


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