Big news about Roger Mason Jr.

In which I make a stunning discovery about Roger Mason Jr. Click the jump.

I've been wondering for a while why Pop plays Mason. Well, I finally figured it out. And some other stuff too:

[13:42] NikolaiBolkonsky: in the past three weeks
[13:42] NikolaiBolkonsky: mason has hit
[13:42] NikolaiBolkonsky: two shots
[13:47] alex: how many minutes?
[13:49] NikolaiBolkonsky: about 79 combined minutes
[13:49] NikolaiBolkonsky: 2-18 shooting
[13:50] NikolaiBolkonsky: if the offense is two thousand four hundred seconds or less
[13:50] NikolaiBolkonsky: mason is doing really well
[13:51] NikolaiBolkonsky: what if this is pop's offense of the future
[13:51] NikolaiBolkonsky: "god damnit, tim! no!"
[13:51] NikolaiBolkonsky: "eight points in three minutes? that is completely wrong!"
[13:51] NikolaiBolkonsky: "look at mason, he's doing it right. you'll master it someday, tim."
[13:52] alex: "yeah, tim, you are always so sad.  lighten up.  do what pop said and play like me.  sometimes i don't have to accomplish anything, and i'll still get all the credit.  that's just how it is.  life just works out.  for me.  i mean, shaking your head silently at me has never made me better.  why can you just be glad we have the opportunity to play together? just stop being so sad."
[13:53] NikolaiBolkonsky: tim is just like
[13:53] NikolaiBolkonsky: "what are you talking about? i'm not sad, this is my game face"
[13:53] NikolaiBolkonsky: and romanju is all "i don't believe you old man. sad faces aren't game faces! ... that's like a three pointer i actually make. it does not exist."
[13:56] alex: "in fact, timothy, all my successes were actually keith bogans or bruce bowen wearing wigs"
[13:56] NikolaiBolkonsky: it's like
[13:56] NikolaiBolkonsky: "you know..."
[13:59] NikolaiBolkonsky: what if mason's existence is a practical joke
[13:59] NikolaiBolkonsky: like, the spurs have really good special effects guys
[13:59] NikolaiBolkonsky: and all mason is
[13:59] NikolaiBolkonsky: is a spurs player putting on a blue-man-group suit/face paint
[13:59] NikolaiBolkonsky: and playing as poorly as they can possibly imagine
[14:03] alex: "no can't make a nice screen like that.  do you want mason time, or not?"
[14:03] alex: "you do? then just stand in the corner and sometimes foul"
[14:04] alex:
[14:04] alex: ok. i think... you might be right

This really explains a lot.

Just figured you'd want to know if you hadn't figured it out already, guys. 

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