Silver Stars Season Opener: Gee, This Feels Familiar

First off, I wrote this at 3 AM when I couldn't sleep. If you want good writing, I'm sure you know where else to look around here.

I went to the Stars game last Saturday, which happened to be the first regular season game. Crowd numbered 9,405. Or thereabouts.

Good seats to the Stars are relatively inexpensive, so I was comfortably ensconced in a section that, while not perfectly ideal, had a pretty damn good view. I will admit at this point that I don't follow the WNBA, and while I know a couple of the names of Stars players, that's about all I know. I went into the game with very little emotional commitment.

Which turned out to be a good thing. The Stars were playing the Dream, and I have no idea if the Dream are supposed to be good or not (I am assuming the Stars are). However, it didn't take long for things to start getting ugly. Bear in mind from here on out that I don't have any basketball savvy. Basically, my knowledge boils down to "we score it's good, they score it's bad." Although that seems like a pretty sound synopsis of game strategy to me, I take it that there are some subtleties that I tend to miss.


I don't remember the outcome of this possession, but it probably wasn't good.

Atlanta took the lead in the first quarter, and the Stars never really recovered. Looking at the box score, I see that a lot of stats are pretty close. They had a few more rebounds and even a couple more turnovers than we did. There isn't a whole lot of distance between the shooting percentages either. Now, unlike BlaseE, I cannot look at a stat sheet and hypnotize the numbers into revealing secrets and intriguing insight. But I do know this: at one point in the second quarter, I looked up and saw that the Stars were shooting 32% to the Dream's 52%. While the turnovers were close in numbers, it seemed to me that a few of ours were made in a spectacular fashion. They capitalized on our turnovers better than we did theirs, too—16 fast break points to our 5. Free throw shooting: not awesome. Despite things coming close to evening out in the second half, the fact is the Stars just never got on top of it.


Hey, their dancers are fully clothed. How about that.

A few players did stand out to me. Sophia Young started off the scoring and finished with 15; Edwige Lawson-Wade (the other French player in San Antonio who wears the number 9) had four steals, and Becky Hammon (yes, the beloved Becky) was the high scorer (20 points), had the most assists (5), and did this—highly technical terminology alert—neat sort of layup thingy with an underhanded toss into the basket. Fun fact: both Edwige and Becky are my height. That's really apropos of nothing.

Bottom line, despite the loss, I enjoyed the experience. I plan on going to more Stars games this summer. Probably you should go see a few too.

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