Spurs still have one last title run


Spurs still have one last title run:

Call me a homer call me crazy whatever you call me I honestly think the spurs still have what it takes to win won last title. I really think a big part of this will depend on luck,heart,role players, and the stars shining bright again.  Also something called defense. Lets be honest the spurs haven't been a great defense team since 08. It has really hurt them so much. Also the development of small ball. Then the lack of 3 point shooters and role players disappearing ween we need them most has all be but disappointment and most of all just not the spurs we  knew. It funny we use to make jokes about how old our players were but knew going into the post season they had the heart of a champion and would prevail. It would be Bowen hounding Kobe,Nash and many others. Duncan and his big partner Rasho,Mohammad,Oberto,Horry. Then Parker and  Ginobili would  do their thing. But most of the spurs suffocating defense that would get the team stops when they needed them. Then Role players steeping up when we needed them in Barry,Kerr, hell even that bag of bones Finley. Fast forward today Duncan doesn't have a decent guy at least 6'11 who can play D. Our Role players cant hit a 3 to save their life's and they dissaper forcing Manu andTony to play harder than they ever had to in the playoffs. Now with that said lets see what the spurs have to do to get back to title contender.

Priority #1 Bring Tigo Over:

Ya I know what some of you are going to say oh this guy again he just another Europe softey who only cares about the money. Some of you say trade his rights with Parker and get Bosh or some stupid idea like that.. Get real and accept the spurs wont be getting any big name big who is a star. Like him or not he is a huge upgrade over whatever the spurs have right now to help Duncan in the low post. Why do you think Duncan has been slower in these past playoffs because he is getting old, well yes but..... did you ever take into consideration that it is him single handling having to guard the paint, the opponents# 1 big and baisclly being our only reliable big to post points in the paint. With Tigo it will help Tim out tremendously. He is a 7 footer who is quick on his feet a great passer and has a HI basketball IQ. He has been getting better every year in Europe and is being regarded as maybe Europe's top Center. Let me give you idea what type of player he is. He is in between Verjao and Pau Gasol. He is starter talent and has a lot of potential. Some of you may think he is all about the money and will stay in Europe. That is not true at all the only reason he stayed in Europe was because his sister was dying of cancer, Sadly she lost that battle. Then there is the story of real mardid going to offer him 8 to 10 million I doubt that. First of they have to buy out his contract which is actually more than his NBA buy out. Then they say they would be willing to give that much money to Vaginis Spatula as well. I knew as soon as I read that the article was probably just some rumor made up. For those of you who don't know Vaginis Spatula is a average player and no one would be stupid enough to offer that much especially the way the economy is in Europe.I I have been watching Tigo play a couple of times and you can tell he takes it personally whether they win or not just like Manu. With that said Tigo's team even has stated they believe he is going to leave and are already looking for his substation.

Priority # 2 Keep RJ and Get 2nd solid SF

I don't think RJ is as bad as some of make him out to be. In all fairness his rebounding and defense was decent in the playoffs. I mean he certainly isn't worth 15 million but hey he's better than nothing. Remember we got him for Oberto,Thomas, and a retiring Bruce Bowen. I'm going to tell you this now it this plain and simple, I don't care deny it all you want,run of cliff, drink till your hear can contended but RJ is not going anywhere. It would actually hurt the spurs more if he did leave. That means we would have just another new player in our system and he would probably have the same difficulty adjusting just like RJ. All in all I wouldn't be divested if RJ left but I wouldn't certainly be Happy if they don't get Rudy Gay or another decent SF if he does leave. Overall my guess is he anit going anywhere and is staying and will be better next season. Then comes getting the 2ndsolid SF. This spurs team is stacked with guards in Bogans,Mason,Hairston,Manu, and even HIll who plays more like a 2 guard. We need someone who is pure SF. I think the best place to address this would be the draft since the spurs have the 20th pick. Now i personally want one of these guys. Stanley Robinson,Xavier Henry, Damion James,Paul George or Luke Babbitt. There is a good chance we can get one of those guys and if we do this team will be in great shape because each is a hard worker on defense and has a decent offense game.

Priority # 3 Get solid Role Players and 3 point shooter:

The spurs bench is really weak when it doesn't have Manu,Jefferson, or Hill on it. What the spurs need to do is get solid role players and get rid of Mason,Ian, and maybe keep Bogans, and Bonner that is depending though on what is available in the FA market for the spurs at SG and backup big. Now the spurs obviously don't have a lot of cap space to go out spending this off season.  My guess is they get the SF back up in draft as a stated. Bring Tigo overwith the mid level. That leaves us with the bi-annual exception and the vet min to bring back 1 or 2 players cheaply . As for 3 pointer I think any of the draft SF I want can develop a 3 point game. But overall here is a list of players who I think it may be possible for the spurs to sign and maybe throw in one or two hoping they take a pay cut for a chance to win a championship

  • Fabrico Oberto-He knows the system,comes cheap and would be a solid 5th big.
  • Kyle Korver- Its a possibility and he is a Good 3 point shooter and is the guy I wish the spurs could get though he may not come cheap though
  • RajaBell- A defense minded player with a 3 point stroke though based on reports sounds like he is headed to Miami
  • Kurt Thomas- another former big spur who would be a good fit for us at the 5 option big man.
  • Devin Brown-See a pattern here? ya another former spur but he was a decent 3 point shooter in 05 for this team and I think he could help us now again.
  • Ray Allen-This one is unlikely but if he is willing to take a pay cut maybe it could be possible.
  • D.J. Mbenga-Another big who would come cheap. He poses shot blocking ability and can contest shots. He is good at covering his man in the post and could be useful as our 5 big.
  • Matt Barnes-This guy would be a good fit. I think he would play better in the spurs system because the spurs have more slasher who can get in the paint than Orlando does.
  • Quentin Richardson-The guy can shoot the 3 need I say more?
  • Grant HIll-Yes the guy who kicked our ass in this year playoffs. If he chooses to opt out sprus should definitely try to get him.
  • Eddie House-This is the guy I want most after Kover. He is a great 3 point shooter for his career and comes cheap. We can move hill back to back up point guard and move him in as our starting shooting guard with manu coming off the bench. 

My dreams starting Lineup:

Alright here are my dream starting lineup. Though I say dream there is a chance this could be a reality.

Starting Lineup #1:       Bench:

SF:Richard Jefferson SF:Stanley Robinson

PF:Tigo Splitter            PF:Dejuan Blair

C:Tim Duncan             C:Antonio McDyess

SG:Kyle Kover             SG:Manu GInobili

PG:Tony Parker         PG:George Hill


This team isn't as dead as some of you are making them out to be. George,Jefferson, and Blair will only be better next season. Ginobili and Parker are still good players. Both are not playing over the summer and Manu and Tony seem like in their exit interviews that they were very disappointed and both said they would work very hard to get ever better than they are alreday. I expect both of them to have much better seasons next year. Then Timmy just needs some help from a FA big man or Splitter. I think getting Splitter here is key to the spurs returning to the D they once had . For some extra motivation next season the spurs have been 3-0 coming back to win the title in the last 3  championship runs when they lose in the semifinals. I cant predict the future spurs fans but I have a felling next year will be a much better than the one we had this year until then GO SPURS GO.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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