Reading the Signs in the Sky

In an ironic twist of fate, the rise of the perennial playoff punching bag Suns spelled rainclouds for our beloved Spurs.  Stormy as the season had been, fans had, of course, believed that San Antonio could win their fifth championship this year.  As it turns out, every Steve Nash layup, every A'm'a'r'e' Stoudamire dunk, and every Jason Richardson bomb were but nails in the coffin for the 2010 Spurs.  Everyone not cheering for the Silver and Black were right all along: the Spurs' time has passed; their championship window is closed; their run as the league's elite, done.  But is that really the case?

Despite all the ominous signs that point to a mainstream media-ordained demise of the San Antonio Spurs, all is not lost in our cause for another Larry O'Brien before Tim Duncan retires.  As a matter of fact, if you come to think of it, the sun, really, is shining and smiling down on the Alamo.  There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about, but let me just share with you a few that have especially brightened my days during this recent stretch of painstaking playoff basketball sans Spurs.


Bob Marley- Three Little Birds (With Lyrics!) (via 21sabiandrummer67)



The first reason to believe that--to put it in the great philosopher’s words--every little thing is gonna be alright is the tiny detail about salary cap space.  The Spurs have incredible elbow room to sign whomever they wish during the offseason.  Aiming for LeBron does not amount to shooting for the moon.  We have the cash to spend--especially considering we have one of the most lavish front offices in league history--and we have just the right size of fan-base and market to lure such big a name as James.  Call "LeBron, the Spur" a lock, a weather forecast, if you may, that tomorrow will be sunny.  Besides, who said the moon can't be stolen?

Another reason to be optimistic is that the Orlando Magic, whose future isn’t as bright as ours, has agreed in principle to trade useless center but potentially great defensive post presence Dwight Howard for the rising star that is Richard Jefferson--whose spot will be taken by the guaranteed number 23, er, 6.  Our starting lineup next season would be Dwight, Tim, LeBron, Manu, and Hill.  Parker and Blair would be the first ones off the bench.



Both gonna be Spurs.


Furthermore, we have reason to smile because the stats say we should.  One of the most respected and most accurate secret statistics in the NBA today is the ratio of Margin of Victory to the efficiency of Richard Jefferson, or the MoV:eRJ.  We kill in that stat.  No team in NBA history has even come close to challenging us in that stat.  But more importantly, success in the MoV:eRJ stat is one of the surefire indicators that a team will win a championship during the next season.  It has never failed to predict such an outcome.  To add to the mountains of statistical evidence that point to an impending return of the Spurs to the top of the hill, consider that no team that lost to Dallas one year, then beat Dallas the following year, but then was swept by the Suns in the second round has ever failed to reach the finals the next year.  Encouraging stuff, if you ask me.

If that wasn't enough to persuade you to join the good, sunny-outlook-for-the-Spurs side, then also remember that we still have Bruce Bowen.  As long as Brucey’s here, we'll always kick ass...or ankles, or faces, whichever gets in the way.

So go ahead, Spurs fans, hang your heads, if you want, but I'll hold mine up high.  I have reason to smile.  And with that, I bring you my lousy shot of the moon smiling down on me while thinking about the future of the Spurs on the night of May 16th 2010—which is really what this whole post is all about: I saw the moon smiling, and I immediately knew it meant a good thing for the Spurs.




Reminds me of this.

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