KA1Z3R's Dynasty: How Would This Translate to Real Life?

First off, let me say that I am very bored since there's no news to do at my usual SB site Silver and Black Pride and the Sharks aren't playing for quite a while. So this is a relatively stupid post on my part, but I wanted to see your opinions on this.


Okay so me and a few buddies busted out NBA Live 10 (all you 40 year olds may want to leave the room) and decided to work out an offseason and sort of replicate our own 2010-2011 season.


So after simulating through a season (meaning we played zero of the games and just let them happen, occasionally changing our lineups or making trades/signings when the simulation wasn't going for us) my Spurs team....well they didn't do so hot. 39-43 as a matter of fact.


What can I say? My bigs weren't playing good at all except Duncan and two 20-point games for Blair. Parker was injured a lot and was my consistent 20-point man. Manu had his good games, but the people who make NBA Live 10 don't do justice to his passing or 3-point shots.


I did make a couple mid-season trades. Like George Hill (this hurt so bad to do) to the Mavericks for Jason Terry, and Richard Jefferson coupled with McDyess to the Magic for JJ Redick and Marcin Gortat.


Now these series of trades actually worked pretty well for me. Gortat's defense in his new starting role worked nicely with Blair starting during Duncan's injury. Terry and Redick could both play PG and SG if injury happened to Manu or Parker (and those injuries did happen) but mainly just came off the bench to sink a few 3's.


Despite my losing record (hey I was only two games out of the playoffs), I did manage to sweep Cleveland, the Lakers, and eventual champion Celtics.


Then we got to the offseason. I had a few resignings to do, Redick, Duncan, Bogans (he was good as a starter at SF), Mason (yes Mason), Bonner, and of course Manu.Then came the monstrosity that is the draft of NBA Live 10. Where no matter who you draft, they will suck at shooting. Even if you pick where I did at 10th. Since there is no real-world draft class, I picked up a SF named Noll, who is actually a pretty good defender and penetrator, and a crappy PF I later released.



After that came free agency, and guess what? LeBron James signed with the Nets. Yeah. Oh well, i could see him balling it up with Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. I went out and got Allen Iverson for my MLE (sadly there's no get Tiago option like there should be). What can I say? There was no good small forwards and Derek Fisher wouldn't sign with me.


But if I got AI, wouldn't that make a logjam at PG with Parker, Terry, Reddick, and Mason? (Temple is inactive list) Indeed it would, so i did that which makes most sense. Trade Parker. I honestly didn't want to, thinking there was no way to replace those 25 ppg he had for me in the 2010 season for me. But that's why i picked up AI. A better 3-point shooting but worse defense Parker.


Now I looked all over for the right trade, I needed a starter SF and another big man to either start or just to strengthen the rotation. I looked and found something respectable in Indiana. Tony Parker and Bogans for Hibbert and Dunleavy. One of my friends was playing as Indiana and liked the idea of parker and Ford together as a tandem (Ford had a monster season for him). But he didn't want to lose Hibbert since he didn't have any other big men he liked.


So I got a counter offer of Parker for Granger. What can I say, Granger is on of my favorite players in the NBA. So I pulled the trigger on the deal. I got the starter, and up-and-coming star player at SF. But no big man to strengthen the rotation of Duncan, Gortat, Blair, and Bonner.


Well I still had a logjam of guards so naturally i traded the least reliable one. I shipped Reddick to the Thunder for a Udonis Haslem (they traded with Heat beforehand, actually the Thunder guy made a lot of trades. Like Durant for Deron Williams).


However, I wasn't done even then. I liked Bogans, but was only keeping him in case I couldn't get anything else at SF. Well I got my SF and I wanted better depth. So once more I looked at our best friends the Mavericks, who were once again willing trade partners. I received Shawn Marion and some crappy 2nd round PF for Bogans and Bonner. I was never gonna use Bonner anyway.


And with one last veteran minimum signing of Rasho Nesterovic, my team was set. And now I can start this new 2010-2011 season, where I hope to at least get back to the playoffs, if not win it all.


My 2010-2011 San Antonio Spurs


C: Marcin Gortat- 75 overall. Great defense, a better jumper than I expected, and some good post moves.

PF: Tim Duncan- 88 overall. What's to say. It's Timm-eh!

SF: Danny Granger- 85 overall. Some pretty good D and great 3-point shooting. Just a great shooter from anywhere.

SG: Manu Ginobili- 84 overall. The Chosen One, even if EA screwed up his 3-point shooting.

PG: Allen Iverson- 74 overall. Pure scorers, you need at least a couple on your team.


Second Unit:

C: DeJuan Blair- 75 overall. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!

PF: Udonis Haslem- 73 overall. Good in the post and solid depth for Timm-eh.

SF: Shawn Marion- 72 overall. Marion is good enough depth. Won't play much though because of Granger's insane stamina.

SG: Jason Terry- 79 overall. Can play either SG or PG and is the scoring spark of the second unit. Never get tired of shooting the 3 with him.

PG: Roger Mason- 77 overall. Not a popular move I know, but he was good depth in the 2010 season for me with Parker out. Can play either SG or PG and can have a good shooting stroke at times.


Assorted Scrubs:

C: Rasho Nesterovic- 69 overall. I wanted a 7'0 big man with good defense in case Gortat goes down.

SF: Malik Hairston- 68 overall. In case I remember that I hate Marion or Terry.



SF: Eric Noll- 62 overall. My first-round pick. Good D and can make a mean dunk. He's also 6'9 so he can also play PF if needed.

PG: Garret Temple- 64 overall. I love Temple and am aware that my PG depth is lacking.

C: Ian Mahinimi- 61 overall. I managed to get him at veteran minimum out of sympathy. I doubt he'll be on my inactives long since my big man depth is pretty much solid.


So PtR, throwing out that this team will never happen, what do you think of the team I have crafted? I know I'm going to get a lot of negative comments about A.I. and the Mavs trades. But I stand by my moves as they fit what I want to do. Shoot the 3 effectively and run a sweet fast break. Get a lead with the starters, and hold that lead with my second unit.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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