what i would like to see on the spurs next season



TIM DUNCAN is still our franchise (even though we still need manu more) he was good for most of the season and tried his best which is all we can ask for. he did a pretty outstanding job most of the time and im glad and proud of him for that. he was there thick and through throughout the whole season and im not sure how many games he even missed( maybe less than 10? but 15 at the most) anywyz he still is a force to be reckoned with even if he has missed a step. and i for one am still looking foward to seeing the last couple of years of what is known as a wonderful fufilling career. however lets end this guys career with a championship shall we since this upcoming year is an odd year (hint hint wink wink)



this guy is obviusely insane and we all know it. he carried us the last month and a half somewhat by himself and if it wasnt for the big ugly hurting him (i kno it was an accident calm down ^_^)  he was amazing and gave his all for the whole time he was in even if the other players around him werent and if we were down 20 or up 20 he went all out and hes still my favorite player. also like duncan i wanna see this guy play on the spurs til the end of his career which i assume will happen. plus since hes part of the argentinian mafia he should deff want revenge against evil canadians( not saying any names)



Obviously tony was the only reason these games vs the suns were close(yes I said close ) he drove to the lane hit his mid jumpers and even passed the ball (EGADS) .  I for one have always loved mr mcfrenchfry and don’t wanna trade him for any reason at all(seriusely no joke here ) besides I love his hot wife and watching desperate housewives wouldn’t be the same without seeing eva longoria parker in the opening credits( you know what I mean) but all joking aside he hustles he passes some and he gives his all for realz, and hes still the only Frenchman I like

P.S. im sorry to all the French people im just kidding



George "ima explode" hill

He’s going to be part of the big 4 people just admit it man you know that its true. He has stepped up and helped bring us for most of the season especially when parker is out. He wasn’t ready fully for all this playoffs yet (yes I saw the dallas series) but the good news is that because of the way the evil Canadian tore him up will only infuriate the handsome devil and make him more dreamy (just kidding) more infuriated and restless to get even better. People I give you our future. Give him a good contract I beg of you because I don’t want to see this guy on another team ever ever ever!!!  Which I don’t think will happen given to the fact that georgie is pops "FAVORITE PLAYER" and besides oberto stayed around what 5 years as pops favorite



Ok there is one really good reason why we do not want to get rid of this guy and it’s because I have his jersey already. That’s enough reason. No seriously we all know the hustle and determination that this guy brings to the table night in and night out. He made some mistakes but then again which rookie doesn’t besides maybe Duncan in his rookie year. Also as a plus note he plans on working with chip over the summer*(what georgie hill did over his summer to get better for this season)* him and hill are our future as im sure many of you out there believe and even though he is smaller than the majority of all forwards he will play better defense and play more like he did against the OKC game.



Mickey d did his all and he was hitting shots and playing d  throughout the season especially on dirk in the first round and personally I want to win a title for the guy because he wanted to come to SA for that exact reason and he gave his all. Will his time next season be limited I think so but maybe he can be like David Robinson was in 2003 and take a lesser roll. If he continues to make his mid range jumpers next season than there is definitely a spot for him on the team next season at least in my opinion even if he looks as old as my dad and his angry face is kinda creepy J  also he can teach younger players which would be nice 



Ok I really like this guy ok and even in the limited minutes I saw of him I saw the image of a spur in the making. He works hard like those people above him, and he can jump like a kangaroo no lie. Plus he works hard on defense. I wanted to see him guarding nash but that damn ankle rolling L. Am I crazy for seeing a younger lebron in him? (yah probably but still). Ok maybe a  10 times less version of lebron. If he can maybe make some amount of his threes now and then I would be happy. He deff deserves more minutes next season.



Yah I know we didn’t see much of him and what am I thinking but he did really good the games he started and that was what like 4 games. My advice have him play a lot in the summer league and see how he does and than please give him a roster spot please. If I can remember he played a decent enough job on d too if I can remember






He worked hard when he was in but I want to create his space for somebody else (sorry yahn). He made some mistakes when he was in but he deff deserved playing time so it wont kill me if he stays. He even makes his free throws(gasp) so yes it might be nice to see him next year but not exceptionally nice.





Oh wait that’s not him sorry 


There we go. I was on the positive side of Jefferson all season until the playoffs when he looked lost with the exception of two games. He didn’t look like he was having fun at all and yes I know he wants to do well for this club but lets face it RJ it wasn’t fun for us most of the season and your not the fourth of the big 4 that we wanted (HILLLLL). I do expect him to part ways with SA but I hope he doesn’t go to anybody in the west J. However POP has belief that he will do better next season with a year under the belt and that he will be worth all the money he has in his contract you rich butt you. lets hope POP knows what he's talking about if he stays.



Yeah I know we all want to give him credit but lets face it hes not very good defensively even when he does try(sighhh) yes he hits his threes during the regular season except for what his 2 in game 3 and maybe 3 in game 4?. Still I do like him and his firey red hair. And he does hustle and maybe the 5th playoff run is what he needs to become someone like pre steve kerr before he went to los evil sunsos.





Roger "I shoot bricks?" mason JR

We all know that this is true even if we don’t want to admit it. You just sucked for the majority of the seaso. And I could shoot better from threes than you did this season. And I hate shooting threes( I take maybe 2 or less per game) I still do like him for taking the JR in his name so importantly and I respect him for that but his time I think has run out im sorry to say. I just hope he doesn’t become a spurs killer with another team(out east I hope).




I don’t think I even saw this guy in any action at all this season. I say put him in the development team with the team on his jersey in this picture and call him up if he does really good and maybe one day he will be decent and a role player.




Is it just me or does he look like a hard worker to you hmm? Anyways I shouldn’t say that I don’t want him because he looks like he has heart and dedication. A lesser version of George hill If you will. Same as Gee put him in summer trainings development league etc etc..  he looks about my height haha. Decent role player in the future perhaps ( a taler jj barea perhaps?




Maybe you liked him more than I do but I just never really liked him that much and I know hes good on defense but he seems to small to me but I really don’t want him back next season because he can easily be replaced(hairston) or maybe joe Johnson (fingers crossed) whatever man I don’t know about bogey man but you guys tell me if you want him around next season.



For those of you who don’t know this is Tiago splitter. Some people are saying that this guy is the answers to all our prayers and that he will be the key to a championship but I don’t agree. Will he help and maybe in a few years(a quick few years) will be what we want him to. But I don’t think he’s the answer and that the spurs office needs to do more than just get him. But if he does come he should help  


P.S. if the pictures dont come out im sorry because i dont know how to do that so sorry

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