Some final thoughts from a Suns fan...


I've been reading PtR since shortly after the Suns/Spurs series started, and I have to admit, the Spurs have a lot of great fans.  You also have a few fans that share similarities with some Suns fans, in that they are frontrunners and/or bandwagon fans (on board as long as you're winning, the first to jump ship or all over the team when it loses).

Among many Suns fans, the team is great every time it wins; it's time to break them up as soon as they lose a game.  Check out the posts on the Suns after the opening game loss to Portland (and after the second loss in that series).  I hear so many "Suns fans" say, "They'll always be losers."

Only one team gets to win the championship each year.  That does not mean that all the rest of the teams are "losers."  Even though the Suns have never won the championship, they have won more games than most of the NBA teams during their 40+ years in the NBA (their average record is 46-36 over the years) and they've only had a losing record (less than .500) a few times in their history.  However, when they went 46-36 last year and missed the playoffs (because the Western Conference has been the toughest in NBA history for the last few years, proved by the Spurs being a 7th seed after a 50 win season this year), all people talked about was how lousy they were and how they needed to clean house.

Luckily for us, since everyone offered us squat for any of our players, we couldn't make any trades that would have really helped us.  Instead, the team stayed together and bonded and they're now playing excellent team ball.  Staying together is not common in Phoenix.  The year after the Suns last played in the NBA finals, they had 6 new players on their roster.

It also surprised me how many Spurs fans "hated" the Suns, mainly because the Suns hadn't beaten the Spurs (at least in recent memory).  I don't get it... how can you hate a team you seemingly owned in the playoffs???  I can understand the Suns fans "hating" the Spurs... we always seemed to lose to your team.  Now that we've finally beaten the Spurs, it might make sense, 'cuz now we really have a rivalry!

Every time the Spurs beat the Suns, I rooted for them the for the rest of the playoffs.  My belief is that I want my team to be beaten by the NBA champs.  This dates back to our infamous collapses against The Dream's Rockets in '94 & '95.  I like to think that my team gave the Champs a tough series that year and we only lost because we were unlucky enough to have to play the eventual champs.  I felt the same the times we lost to the Spurs too.

Part of the reason is that I can seldom find an Eastern Conference team I want to root for (even though I was brought up in Ohio) and part is that I feel "the West is the Best" and I usually want a Western team to win.  It's tough when one of our long time hated rivals (e.g., the Lakers) is playing for the title.  It's nearly impossible when the Lakers play the Celtics.  I have hated the Celts since '76 or the Bulls since '93.  The Lakers hate goes back to the Suns 2nd year in the league, when Connie Hawkins' Suns had Wilt and the rest of the Lakers down 3-1 and couldn't close them out.

BTW - For those of you who only follow the Spurs, the Suns have been 6-1 in the playoffs against everyone except the Spurs since 2004 (not including this year's playoffs).  We've actually done decent against Kobe in that time, although we haven't had a series against the Lakers since they stole (ummm... traded for) Pau Gasol.  I will say, it was so much fun to see Kobe walk off the floor as a beaten team after he had made his stupid faces after hitting the game winning shot in the only game they won that series.  It was so bad for the poor Lakers, Kobe was talking about leaving them after that year (until the Pau trade).  That was very satisfying!

Also, I think the Suns beat the Spurs by respecting them and really emulating them this year.  Jared Dudley = Bruce Bowen; Lou Amundson = (fill in the name of any tough Spurs big bench players in the last 6 years); Channing Frye = (fill in the name of any great outside shooter the Spurs had on their bench to kill the Suns in the playoffs); Leandro Barbosa = (fill in the name of another great offensive player the Spurs had to bring off their bench).  Dragic is a guy we'd hoped could give our old star (Nash) a bit of rest, just as Pop always has a guy who can spell Duncan (looks like he might be a player).

Anyway, I'd like to thank the Spurs for giving us a good role model.  My fantasy now is that the Suns can beat ALL (well, most anyway) their demons on the way to their first NBA title.  We've beaten the dreaded Spurs; we'll take out the Lakers next; and then meet and beat the Celtics in the NBA finals.  A guy can dream, can't he?!!?

Don't forget... the Spurs were the talk of the playoffs after knocking out the Mavs.  No one (hardly even any Suns fans) gave the Suns much of a chance against the Spurs. We were better than you thought; I can only hope everyone else disrespects us on the way to my dream!

Cya next year ('cuz Pop will always have the Spurs there)!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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