Now what?



First a moment for our spurs. Why do you play with my heart?




The "Sports Desert" is about to begin, and another year without a spurs championship makes me think it's going to be a long one, but wait. What's this? FIFA World Cup! Hell Yeah! This makes that wait till football a little bit shorter. I will continue to watch basketball and hope we get more series like the Cavs-Celtics. My predictions for the rest of the playoffs are as follows
Cavs - 4 Celtics - 3

                                                  Cavs - 4 Magic - 2
Magic - 4 Hawks - 0

West:                                                                                                 Lakers - 3 Cavs - 4
Lakers - 4 Jazz - 0

                                                 Lakers - 4 Suns - 3

The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the championship this year. Yes, yes I know get off LeBron already but, seriously they have never been more prepared than this year. The addition of Shaq and the role players making shots when they need to, prove to me they are the favorites.  They do have one weakness thought no defense for a great point guard. Rajon Rondo has shown that and Jameer Nelson will show that next series, but LA doesn't have one Fisher is good but not enough to make a difference. As for LeBron, he gets his points and his improved shot makes him even harder to defend.

After the Playoffs we sit and watch that one sport where you throw a ball hit or miss it and then stand around and throw it again. What's it called? Oh yeah, Baseball (BOOOOORRRRRRRRING) alright enough about complete boredom. I love the world cup, especially when I wake up to games at 6 in the morning.  It's the greatest competition in the world, you are fighting for your country and the United States are a prime contenders to get out of their pool! That's about all you can hope for with the competition from the likes of Spain and Brazil and my favorite Germany! Spain will probably take the cup, but you never know when Argentina has Messi. (and Ginobili)

After the World Cup phenomenon, we move from Fútbol to Football. Go Cowboys. Yes I am a Romosexual and yes I play fantasy football. The only fantasy sport that is truly fair. With Games 2 to 3 days a week you can be casual and still compete. With Fantasy basketball and baseball there are too many games. I have to be one my team everyday making trades, watching injuries, and hawking the free agents. Honestly, who has time for all that? Fantasy Football is great especially when you are a returning champion, but not so great when you don't get all of the winnings you were promised because all the other players are cheap and your commissioner will do nothing about it. Sorry about that I kind of like money.

During all of this madness, basketball starts again and our spurs take on another grueling season full of ups and downs. Hopefully next season ends in another championship, but before that can happen we need to address some issues.

1.       We need shooters or we need to fix the ones we have.

2.       We need another dominate big man.
Chris Bosh would be great, clear that cap space.

3.       1 dominate defender
There must be some young Bowen out there somewhere

These issues get fixed and we might have another championship and take the new decade by storm. Also, one thing I see all too often are PTR bloggers pointing out the problems with Pop. He won us those four championships and he's a great coach. He's not going anywhere.

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