2010 free agency

Bascially discuss who you want the Spurs to go after in the 2010 Free Agency,

So Ginobili signs an extension which is good news for the Spurs and Manu, Of course we still need to fill the hole at the center position. With the possibility of Tiago coming over should the Spurs try to pursue a big man incase he doesn't come. Bascially here is how our roster looks so far once free agency begins.

PG: Tony Parker-bascially he is still one of the top point guards in this league and he is under contract.               

George Hill-we have Georgie under contract and thank god because he really has developed into a good player and hes still developing.Basically our PG position slot is filled unless the Spurs decide to add another player for insurance.

SG: Manu Ginobili-He signed an extension so we got our beloved 6th man back.

Bascially thats it for our SG position as Bogans signed a 1 year minimum and Roger Mason's contract expires so we have a hole to fill.

SF:Richard Jefferson-he has the option to opt out but playing average and earning 15 mill a year is something he is not going to opt out of especially when you have Lebron looking for a contract. Unless hes loyal to the Spurs expect him to not opt out.

 Malik Hairston-hes still under contract from what I know and hes most likely gonna get the backup Sf position unless the Spurs find someone else they like the fill that spot.

PF:  Antonio Mcdyees-he is still under contract another year and he has a player option the next year. Don't see him going anywhere unless the Spurs trade him.

 Dejuan Blair-the beast is still under contract and by the way he's a BEAST.

C:  Tim Duncan-aka Father Time is still under contract with the Spurs(duh). Don't really have to explain his background except it's been reported he has found the Fountain of Youth along with Mcdyees during a trip to Africa.

Bascially we have holes at the Center and Shooting Guard positions. Bogans,Bonner,Mason,Ian Mahinmi are all free agents unless they receive an extension but with tons of free agents to choose from, are the Spurs gonna resign any of these guys?With the possibility of Tiago coming over our center position will be filled if the Spurs sign him but that still leaves the SG position also Note it will be the Starting Postion open. So my question to you is who would you like to see the Spurs pursue to fill that Starting SG spot and if we can't get Tiago to come over what big man preferably not undersized and a true center would you like to see in the Silver and Black and also who do you want to fill the bench.

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