Just a Recap

I did not think this was worthy of the front page, but wanted to get my thoughts out there. So, FanPost here we go!

Erika Dampier
First, Daivd Stern just went off and made it clear that he was pissed that coaches and players were bad-mouthing the officiating. Second, Erika, you are horrible. You are out of shape and TIm is using you like a red headed Matt Bonner. I mean, it's ugly. So given that you are horrendous and that your Commissioner just said "don't mouth off," you thought it was a good idea to criticize the refs? The bottom line is that they were in no way as one-sided to the Spurs as they were to the Mavs in Game 1, (going into the fourth, I tweeted, the Mavs lead the Spurs 28 FTA to 6 FTA.) They really only made one egregious call, the charge that Bonner took on Dirk. That was bad, I'll give it to you. But other than that one call, it was even.

George Hill
AKA, The Difference Maker. He completely transforms our team when he in playing well. He is our best defender and when in full attack mode, he gives our team a +150 according to FARS. If he can give us 15+ points. we will win the series. Promise.

Rick Carisle
He screwed up. I mean, he really effed up to the point that he may be fired if the Mavs do not win this series, (which they will not, so he's gone. You heard it here first.) He pulled an Avery and over-coached his team. He benched Caron Butler and Shawn Marion. Now, if the Mavs had won, he would be regarded as a genius. But the Mavs lost, so he is a fool. I feel as if he really jeopardized the Mavs' chemistry. As with every team, the Mavs had team chemistry heading into the playoffs. Benching Butler and Marion threw this chemistry off. Just read what Shawn had to say....
Shawn Marion -- "How can I be effective being pulled in and out like a rag doll? I'm going to go out and play hard when I step on the floor and that's all I can control. Go ask coach, you can't ask us. When I lace my shoes up I'm ready to go. I was told to stay on Ginobili. He didn't score that first half, you know what I'm saying? I had him on clamps. I was on him, but I can't control that. I'm going to do what I got to do. I want to play, definitely, I don't want to sit on the damn bench, but what can I do?"

Do you think he gives a crap about his team at this point? Nope, he is pissed at his coach and this can only help the Spurs.

If we were the Knicks, Celtics, or Lakers, Manu would replace Jerry West as the logo of the NBA. How ridiculous was Manu's performance? I was at the game and was unaware that Manu's nose had been broken. My dad, also at the game, texted me that Manu's nose was definitely broken because he was sitting court-side and he could see it was broken. But, I didn't believe him. Why? Because I thought there was no way a guy would drive in like Manu did with a broken nose. Manu drove in with such fearlessness that it seemed as if he was daring the opposition to foul him. A guy with a broken nose wouldn't do that. I was wrong. Manu would do that because he is a winner and has played with such fearlessness throughout his career. It will go down as one of the Spurs' best moments, once people realize what happened.

I screamed, "NOOOOO, YESSSSSSS!!!" Next shot, "NOOOOOO! THANK YOU!!!" Third shot, "IT'S IN! YESSSSSS!" Basically, I has no confidence in Tony. I should have, but at that point in the game, the last thing I wanted to see was a long two. But Tony nailed them in crunch time. And in doing so, he gave me unlimited shit talking confidence. If Tony is clutch, we know Manu is clutch and Tim was born clutch, we are so money. We're like a bear with huge claws. Oh, it's so good. We're so money.

The Home-Court Advantage
We represented. Great job to everyone in attendance. The Center was rocking and our Spurs clearly fed off of it. Sunday night, let's do it again. GO SPURS GO!

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