Spurs game 1 loss impressions

Fragmented (but accurate) impressions of the game via the Magic of High Definition Video recording...

First half thoughts....The Sheer carelessness of some of the first half turnovers is unbelievable. At least 2 by Duncan, One by Tony, 2 by Manu and 1 by Richard.


I hate to say it but the Mavs missed alot of easy shots in that first half.


The officiating appears to be decent.



Richard Jefferson’s defense on Caron Butler has been a joke.



With about  30 seconds left in the first half, the Spurs pull within 2 (45 to 47) on an amazing sequence of events...


Dirk bricks a medium range running jumper.


A brief skirmish for the rebound underneath between Haywood, Duncan and Dice


Dice ends up tipping the ball towards Manu


Manu is gathering the ball, just then Butler flies in and knocks the ball loose,


The ball is flying out of bounds towards the Dallas bench, Manu flies toward the ball, falling out of bounds and saving the ball with a no look flick of the wrist behind his back, and ends up sitting on the Dallas bench in between two Mavericks.


The Ball flies just past Haywood and into the hands of Mcdyess who passes the ball to Duncan,


The pass to Duncan is not stolen by Jason Kidd by the *narrowest *of margins.


Duncan dribbles the length of the floor and dishes to Dice for a layup...SWEET ! 



Then with about 5 seconds left, and Dirk backing down the Anti-Christ, Mason foolishly fouls Dirk, giving them a *MOMENTUM KILLING* 3 point play. 45 to 50. Ponies.


2nd Half.


The Spurs shot 3 free throws in the entire first half. So what do they do? Their first two possessions consist of a McDyess jump shot from about 18 feet and a Hill Jumper from about 20 feet. (Both are misses)


Another Stupid unforced Turnover by Duncan at about the 9.5 minute Mark.


Despite this 3rd quarter beginning, the spurs are actually up 56 to 54 off Manus crafty passing lane tip, and fast break finish to the invisible man (Jefferson) with about 8 minutes left.


Manu has been a passing Lane terror throughout the game, and at the 7.23 min mark he clearly beats the driving Caron Butler to the baseline, he gets whistled for the foul (Bullshit call)


Tim Duncan dribbles himself into trouble and commits yet another stupid turnover (see a pattern forming  here?) he’s forced to foul Kidd by tripping him up to prevent a fast break.


5 minute mark, Spurs up 61 to 60. Matt Bonner is called for a VERY weak foul on Dirk.


Fast forward to about the 10 minute Mark of the 4th quarter. The only thing that’s taken place is Hack-an-Erica, and Dirk Hitting everything. Butler also hits a couple of tough shots. Generally it’s not been a good span of time, and that’s reflected in what the score is now, 69 to 78.


Now Butler hits a 3 pointer in Mason’s teeth. 81 to 69. Its essentially downhill from here.


The Spurs mediocre D continues to be consistently mediocre, allowing the Mavericks to get good shots, and the interior defense is nonexistent.


 DESPITE all of this, the score is 82 to 87 mavericks. 6 minutes left.


The Mavericks are playing good defense, but more than anything, the Spurs cant find the open man. The Ponies are able to double Parker up high, and the Spurs still can’t get anybody open for a good shot. (They have been able to do this against Ginobili as well at least once)


1 11 left, the Spurs defense has degenerated into an absolute joke. 100 to 92. And this is despite Dallas missing WIDE open looks due to SHITTY Spurs Defense.


We lose 100 to 94.


Impressions= The main reason there was such a free throw disparity is that no one except for Manu was going to the rim. Not Jefferson , not Hill and not even Parker so much.


There were a few bad foul calls, but this game was HARDLY lost because of this.


The Mavericks missed a lot of wide open shots.


The Spurs Defense just looked average for the most part , but for a few stretches it was horrible. Honest to goodness horrible.


The entire team (Duncan in particular) negated most of the positives with ridiculous unforced turnovers.


If the Spurs can cut out most of the Stupid mistakes and play defense worth a damn, they might have won this game. It would also help to take the ball to the hoop in order to get some free throws. The offensive rebounds arent what did us in.


Mason should to go for a swim in cement shoes.


While Duncan had a good game, (barring his silly turnovers) he actually missed alot of open shots.

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