My own Playoff Preview (WEST)

I will put a bracket-esque here and my own ways how to stop the MAVS after the jump.Cause I'll still make my very own bracket,hope it won't look like crap.

Ok here we go!

First Round:

L.A-OKC (L.A. 4-2 OKC)-Since OKC is still inexperienced surely they'll bow down to LA but of course I want them to win but let's be realistic.They have Durant,unfortunately LA has Bryant,every game should be close.But I hope OKC would bring some  the upset,because its the only way the playoffs would be exciting.I mean people watch March Madness because of what?-the upsets and the Cinderella story,and i guess maybe 2-5% of people who made brackets has butler in the finals.Going back to the series,OKC should stop Kobe, let him be frustrated and shoot 35% instead of 50% or 48%,second stop pau,but can serge and collison do that?plus I forgot They got drew and odom,who would deal with them?And let say lamar v.s. green,can green defend him?So who covers drew now?remeber if all of these big men play-lamar at sf,pau at pf and bynum at c it would be tough plus kobe at sg then take out fish at pg change it to brown/farmar-the easiest match up they could get cause surely Westbrook will win the match up,but he should defend brown or else he'll dunk on his face or shoot some threes-which brown is good at.Already 4 match up nightmares for each position.For L.A they just need to stop durant,then westbrook cuz after that green would follow the downfall.And OKC next year in 2011 or 2012 will be the number one seed and by 2013 they will win a ring IMO.

Den-Utah(Denver 4-3 Utah)-IMO Denver will win this if Karl could be back and if they stop playing crap like they are doing now for the past week or a month now.If Denver would be Denver Utah can't win then,season series Denver owned them like utah owned us by 3-1 ,denver leads utah.In those wins Denver won by margins of,9,10 and 10 and utah won by a margin of 6.But things might change because of the denver situation right now.that's why its in 7 games because utah can still  may pull this one off.

Phx-Portland(Phx 4-3 Portland)-It's still an enigma for me,portland kills us with or without roy,and they beat their western conference opponents with all the injuries and with or without roy.Not only that it seems that portland can win big games in the regular season despite all that.They are like the orlando magic of the west when it comes to they can win against their conference opponents(except orlando is 5x better than them). I say 7 games because despite the injuries Portland will bring their "A" game and I always think,how about if it wasn't oden that they picked,i really think this year or next year portland can surely win a ring beacuse they have the role players and two all stars in the face of durant and roy,but then what they have now is oden so deal with it,everybody wants to covet durant.Going back to the series,portland can cope up every injuries and they have their own version of roy+hill=Bayless and I think this man will step it up.Andre has still some fuel so as Camby and LaMarcus.So i guess these would be tough,and I can see an upset but PHX will prevail.i mean c'mon this team score 200  116-120 points every night and 140+if your the clipers and thats back to back.And so if you don't play any defense(portland),surely PHX will eat you up,plus they have nash(which might make a viral video of him for coaches to vote for him as finals mvp,oh wait its for manu now).And A'm'a'r'e' has been a beast,his playing decent defense and dunks on everybody's face-rude much?like there is no tomorrow.So they need to let Amar'e work in the paint and shoot j's and ft's-don't let him dunk plus its obvious that he and nash plays pick and rolls right?So don't be dumb guard him---that's if you want to win.And people say that Portland is easy to beat but not that easy if you play them.

And my fave part!

I hate analyst saying there can't be any upsets in the playoffs.Its the west and you got identical records.And you got one coach who's playing psywars as one of our members say.I hate it that when they say that we can only bring the game on but not win it?seriously has these guys observed the march San Antonio Spurs?I guess not cuz they are busy predicting a LeBroomick-Bryant Finals.Yeah that was like last year and what?!---yeah it didn't happen.If ever it happens I'll give kobe his 5th ring then.

San Antonio Spurs-Dallas Mavericks(Spurs leads by 4-2 Dallas)Its time for some revenge, and can't it be so much more sweeter with manu back,hill is much improved-hope he recovers from the injury,blair crashing 23 boards in their faces,td healthy,rj stepping up sometimes-hope he does always step up in the playoffs,and of course my wish,TP to be benched---not me but Tony Parker.

Match ups


Great Temple/Hill/Tp---Kidd,Barea,"Will-French-Fry-us-if-we-don't-play-defense"Beaubois

-Hill should play 30+ minutes,because he plays d,his long arms would defend but I don't know with injury if it will bother him,it would be a concern but hill should play more minutes than parker does.Temple,he should play 20+ minutes,since hill is questionable we may want some length and height defending their fast guards.Tony, still not  a big fan---not related to my user name as fan!Tony loves to hug the ball and We are all not a fan of it.Tony needs to pass and shouldn't force too much "self" offense.He should play team ball and pass it,use some clock and run the show and not just run straight to the hole.He shuld run and draw fouls in the hole if its in a fastbreak or steals or one on ones. but not on 5 on 5 tony not on it.Maybe pop should've shouted on you instead of Keith and Garrett,and please play good defense---because we can't ask you to play great d, good might do and stop turning the ball over and hugging  hogging the ball,because of it you dribble the ball so much and waste so much time,and this time its not using the clock for the team to run the play,but its just for you,so please stop it,because fans might think you are mason(when you shoot it in bricks).

To stop Opp PG:

1.Let hill play more mins than tony next to it is temple,play tony where mavs line up is their worst defensive line up,maybe tony can play 12 mins for that.

2.Kidd can shoot,don't leave him.Roddy can be the random guy to have a career night if you let him play offense if we have a bad defense.JJ is a mouse and you might be surprise that he already scored

3.Pass the ball

4.Commit less TO's

5.Use the clock to run the show and not to run your show!

6.Start great backcourt defense bcuz i believe that if you can stop the backcourt which is the one running the show then you can stop the frontcourt as well,that goes for the pg and sg(so place ur best defensive pg and sg....*cough-hill&manu)



Looking at this we can say that dallas is like starting 3 F and may use caron as their sg,correct me if i'm wrong.

PF dirk,C haywood,Sf,Marion,SG caron,PG Kidd.

Looking at their SG position terry is the only one that plays 30+ minutes,Caroll is not having some action so as DeShawn but he is playing like 10 minutes per game.So let's just focus on Jason,the SG Jason is raining threes against us.

He can shoot anywhere in the floor,he is a great threat to the offense and plays decent defense but his up against manu-the man who defends,who scores and who just tear every opponent's fans hearts out.He is the man opponents would guard,but can they guard him?Gino is a great defender he will block your shot out of nowhere or steal the ball surprisingly.Gino can defend terry and that's no problem as long as Manu defends this man---he is no threat.And if mason can score 5 or 6(2-4 from threes would be appreciated) would be gladly welcomed.If manu takes some breather i think RoMaJu should play terry decent defense the one that is 10x below ginobili's defense but can at least let terry work for his shots.And we still got keith who can play the 2 so its fine.Mase should play 12 mins to 13mins-no more no less-if you want to win and not to finish the brick wall of china,because we are near it if mason would shoot 1-10 in the field or something similar to that.He should let terry work so that manu wouldn't be that tired,and if mason(even his name refers that he is building bricks) can defend terry in the first game for more than 12 minutes of miracle,then pop should just rest manu and let our offense just flow,as long as they don't score and we don't score its fine bcuz when gino and timmy comes back we can have it all.And so don't take out mason but if he obviously sucks replace him with keith , hill or temple.

Ways to stop terry:


2.Play Manu more minutes but make sure to give him some rest.Play mason but if his sucktitude is obvious on d as well as on offense take him out or else terry would punish us then replace him with temple.



RJ/Bogans/Malik(is he back?)-Marion/Butler/Najera

If bogeyman can score 5 or 6(2-4 from rainbow land)that would be much appreciated,but we don't need scorers here,but if u do then thank you.We just need you to defend.If you can share 20-24 mins with rj and part sg then it would be great.And pls drive to the basket if your threes ain't falling.

RJ---please step up---if you want a ring then play well,you got what you want that we all wanted---you playing with the wizard and batman---GinoBelieve---you are now his Robin and joker is now our 6th man so please don't suck!

like bogeyman, if your threes ain't falling---go to the rack and get fouled,its fine if you are 0-2 or 1 for two but please be two for two when you visit the charity stripe again. and continue to do so.don't shoot threes or jumpers if you know it will help mason and his lego-minions making his brick wall.pls you are here to help us make points in the please.

1.RJ/Bogey go to the hole!If its not raining for you.And please make your Ft's

2.Princess please step up(and don't dance around like its a movie---don't be literally lost and confused) !

3.RJ-Bogey pls play great defense which you are doing now

4.Sometimes pass the ball.But if your in the rim or near it---shoot if its a lay up or draw the foul---this time you can hug the ball and make some contributions.and this time its hug the ball and not ball hogging.

5.Defend Marion, his a better rebounder than you so put a body on him.

6.For Caron,defend him and limit him to jumpers and make sure you can draw offensive fouls with these two because they are smart enough to go to the rim and draw fouls.



Bonner/(I'll list him here cause in their last game he did a good match up against the German)Dice/Blair(PF/C all of these three right?)-Just Dirk-forget the others

The man you need to stop for them to tumble down.It seems bon bon loves to steal the ball now---in the last two games if im not mistaken he had 3 or 4  steals(minnesota) and 2 against the mavs that would mean hehas at least ave around 2.5 or 3 steals? not bad!And matty please,please don't try so hard on offense,let it flow,drive and put some shyhooks on or runners or go to the stripe,don't shoot jumpers if you know its not for you,score at least 5 or 8 pts if not its fine if its 0 as long as you play great defense on dirk.And if the 3's are not falling,stay away from it. Matty should defend Dirkey,be right in his face all the time!Contest his shot and don't leave him.As for dice,I think he can defend dirk but he can't contain him that much though---let bon bon do the job and dice might just play the center they have.As for blair,I'm scared for this match up, dirk is 7-1 and Blair is 6-7 or 6-8 that's at least 6 inches height differences.If Blair can at least make dirk work for his jumpshots then its fine,as long and dirk won't post him up or take him to the hole cuz 99.9% blair would be in foul trouble and its a miracle that today he is not and it would be a miracle if blair doesn't get into trouble.For dice's offense,go to the hole if elbow j's ain't coming around.For Blair make your free throw' sget a 20-20 in 10 minutes!LoL!just let the offense flow don't try hard if you know its not your night,instead pass or draw those fouls.Continue with the hustle and rebounds and your acrobatic-i-don't-know-how -you-did-that-lay-ups.

1.To stop the German-Let bon bon play him-if bon doesn't play well,put  td on him and dice on the c.Blair and Nowitzki is just like KaPaus on Blair's Face.

2.Limit Dirk to jumpshots and three point distant.

3.Contest his shot and put a body on him

4.Be up on his face all the time;don't leave him wide open or leave him alone


And lastly


Timmy(his a pf but ok let's put him on C)/Ian(if pop even think he exists)-Haywood/Dampy

This works in our favor. Dampier plays defense,blocks shot and sometimes can help you score.So as Haywood which is 2x better than Ericka but a man named---Timothy "Tim" Theodore Duncan is just 10x better than them. Yes he is as long as he shows up and pushes that playoff mode button and won't think this is an orlando game. Then we own this match up.No matter what timmy's age is, he is still dominant---the only way he won't be dominant in the future is "if " he will be severely injured,Tiago is better than him or pop sits him(which i hope Split's is better than him to happen and not the other two)."Experts" and "Analysts" says duncan is through.So were is the duncan that is said to be already through?it showed up only 2x this year and not for the whole 78 games that he played.

Tim knows how to defend,when to pass and when to score so i won't give anything here.He own this match up and if i were tim,if your shots are not coming then pass---but i know you are ready.

1.Make Damp or Brendan work


As aTeam to win:

1. Pass the ball

2.Make 80% of your free throws-it killed us today for me last night.13-21 for 65% is not acceptable.(yes we are the spurs but then we can't do that in playoff time)

3.If you look at Dallas they are small so small ball might work here as long as dirk or brendan is not on court--but if one is bon bon-dirk or haywood-dice/td

4.Jump to a lead and never look back

5.If ever you are down play great great great defense and offense and don't shoot threes(we shoot brick so go to

the hole)

6.Go to th rack if shots are not falling(jumpers or threes),live in the free throw line

7.Don't leave any match up assignments

8.Never be confuse of what are you doing

9.Be aware of team mate's position and tendencies

10.Play great defense---Championships are won through this hope you guys still remember it

11.Don't be intimidated by the crowd nor opponent's players team ball

13.Maybe as playoffs starts these guys are already glued right?-chemistry please!

14.Play like its the finals

15.And lastly its time for some revenge so make it sweet and make that upset and prove that, yes we can!(OBAMA!)

---Its the NBA where it is always Goliath projected to win, and David and Cinderella fails and goes home.

But as for our season to stay alive we got to be Cinderella to finish our season and story book in style,we got to be David to beat Goliath

We need to Bring the real Butler-Duke game----let's bring home the 5th ring and the upset !

And I'm tired of these "experts" counting us out,always! Its time to bring back that respect!

We are the spurs beacuse we have heart-we don't sweep games-we work hard for it-and our players got heart and soul and cocky players has no place in our team

All underrated falls in our lap

and its time for our own final laugh!

So please spurs grant my wish!

Spurs all the way to the finals baby!




Orl 4-1 eastern conf finals over CLE(sorry BROOM you're wayyyy toooooo ooovvveeerrraaaattteeeddd)

MVP's are not needed in the finals---or shall i rather say the best player,but the most importat palyer and the best team as a whole with heart.

So BRICK never gonna get that ring!

Cuz if you do i guess all the  basketball is into hype and business not anymore with heart and passion.


Oh well here's my bracket!

We would battle PHX in the 2nd round and L.A. in the West conference Finals

and Orlando in the finals

SA 4-3 ORL

Tough game = 5th ring!

Sorry if it doesn't look that good.

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