2010 Cap Situation

2010 San Antonio Spurs Cap Situation

The 2010 Free Agency has some many free agents to choose from and teams like New York have made it to where they have as much cap as possible to sign some of these major free agents. A team like the Spurs who of course need to fill a void at the center position and shooting guard position possibly the small forward position. The question comes to mind how much money do the spurs have to spend? Well let's take a look.

These players are under contract and have guaranteed salaries:

Tim Duncan- $18,853,381

Tony Parker- $13,650,000

Antonio McDyees- $4,860,000

George Hill- $854,389 

Dejuan Blair- $918,000

Manu Ginobili- $11,800,000

Total Salaries: $50,917,770

Don't forget Richard Jefferson has another $15,200,000 player option and I think that 99.9% of us would like him to opt out of that but take in consideration that a player that puts up average production is making 15 million in this market you wouldn't believe me. Also note if he does opt out not only do we have more room but that makes us have to fill a void at the small forward position to go along with center and shooting guard.

Total salaries with RJ's Option: $66,117,770

Also we have partially guaranteed contracts in Malik Hairston, Garret Temple,Curtis Jerrels, Alonzo Gee.

Malik Hairston- $854,389 fully non-guaranteed salary for 2010-2011

Temple,Jerrels,and Gee all have a $762,195 salary that is partially or fully non-guaranteed for 2010-2011.

Take in consideration that most likely Malik will be on the roster next year along with Temple so that puts our roster at a grand total of 9 and a total salary of $67,734.354. Don't forget that we still don't have a starter at SG position and a backup at the Center position so this will most likely put our roster at 11 and deeper into the luxury tax depending on who we sign and the luxury tax situation next year which is projected to be around $61.2 m to $65m, about $4-7.9m less that this year's $69.92m Tax. Take note that the cap is also reported to be as low as $52m to $54m either way it puts us at a disadvantage. Of course we know that even if the Spurs don't have alot of money to spend luckily theres the draft which can help us get somebody maybe usefull for relativley cheap just ask George and Dejuan. Though the promise for playing a contender does play in the Spurs advantage and can be used to lure free agent who would most likely asking for more money might take less to play. This is were our Mid-Level exception and Veteran's minimum come into play aka we could technically use the MLE on Tiago Splitter and use the veteran's minimum for somebody named Raja Bell. The problem is, is that truly enough money to lure somebody significant to come play for the Spurs? While I can just do about anything except tell what the future has in store and work the late-night shift at Hooter's (Note to all readers this is just a joke so don't come looking for me) I can't tell you who the Spurs might target I can tell you it will come down to 4 major factors:

1: Tiago Splitter-Basically if he comes over then were good at the Center Position.

2: Richard Jefferson-If he chooses to opt out and go play somewhere else we will have more money to play around with but not alot.

3: Cap Situation-This will decide were the Spurs draw the line how far are they willing to go into the Luxury Tax

4: Peter Holt-Really how deep are his pockets because we all know the Spurs are a small-market and therefore limit players how much money we can pay them and honestly if I promised you that if u came to San Antonio you would have the greatest fan-base along with very unique Tex-Mex food would you want to come? 

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