My off season wish list:tell me if its possible to sign this guys

I was just thinking who we could sign and please correct me if it is impossible to sign such guy because I'm not that well verse on the salary thing(unless its nba live 08 or 2k10 where you just push buttons right?)

As I've read on other posts, we may be depleted on the C and SG position and i might add maybe SF too. And this is a perfect opportunity to add some length and defense in our roster to improve the defense next season whether we win or lose in the playoffs. We need to sign veteran and young guys that are not that expensive nor inexperienced but plays defense and plays different positions for versatility .(Since we may have 8 roster spots available)

My Wish list:(*guys i would love to sign,^guys to sign if we can't sign the others,^^third opt)

We need to add 2 more C's

1.Brendan Haywood-(currently earns)6,000,000(can we sign him for 6.5mil a year?starting)*

2.Marcus Camby-9,150,000(can we sign him for 5mil a year?starting)*

3.Kurt Thomas-3,800,000(For 3mil starting can we sign him,he knows spurs system and I've read comments that missed these old vets,including "mad man-ala perkins" Thomas)^

4.D.J. Mbenga-959,111(don't laugh,he can play d and some offense off the bench)^^

4.Joel Przybilla-6,857,725(Can we sign him for(starting) 6,500,000-considering this guy blocks shots and get those offensive rebounds,but his quite prone to injury right?)^

5.Louis Amundson-855,189(this guy might be 6-9 but he can defend and bring energy off the bench,1.2 mil or around 900k can we sign him?)^^

6.Bonner-sign this guy.that would make 7 more spots

7.Ian-Idk about him pop doesn't use him but he surely can play, maybe a time with the toros might not hurt.


1.first off---a guy that we can sign because he has torn our hearts.A chance to sign him and hopefully he will.And won't be a bust against us,cause seriously he is not.You know what he can do,I personally think his kinda soft sometimes on D but i guess he can help us on offense

1.Luis Scola-$3,284,667(maybe we could sign him for 4.5 mil starting-or 5mil?starting)*

2.Carl Landry-3,000,000(can we sign him for 5mil starting?you know what he can bring)^

3.Tyrus Thomas-4,743,598(can we sign this guy for 5.5 mil?)*


1.Raja Bell-When i looked at espn's free agency list, he is not on the warrior's list(maybe bcuz they waived him for reggie williams),but in he is there.anyway he earns-$5,250,000(can we sign him for an MLE or around 5mil as starting,can we have him?)*

2.Keith Bogans-825,497(i think keith can still be paid almost the same amount of money,not more than 850-900k)*

3.Anthony Morrow-$736,420(can we sign him for 2mil?this guy can be our new findog together with temple)*

4.Chris Douglas-Roberts-736,420(CDR can play,maybe another young one of the bench plus his cheap,sign him for 800 or 900 k to around 1.2 mil.can we have him?)^

5.Wesley Matthews-457,588(can we sign him for like 600k starting?he can certainly play)^

6.Matt Barnes-1.6 (can we sign him for 1.6-2mil?he can play d,shoot threes off the bench)^^

7.Rudy Gay-$3,280,997(5mil?is that possible)^^

8.Kelenna Azubuike-3,100,000(can we sign him for 3.5 mil?)^^


Seriously I don't know much how the salary cap works to sign guys and staff.

I think we need to let go of mase and sign a guy equivalent his talent but is cheap(morrow,*cough). Or trade him for another role(better)(i'd even go for mason and thabeet trade.) player. This is how i want S.A to look.Using a more realistic signs that might happen. I'll go for the cheap guys.Plus drafting a really good C.We need Length and defense and I guess that might work.if we can have 3 or 2 guys on each position,plus others are versatile.

Wish the Spurs would look like this:

C Tim-Haywood,Camby(is it possible?,cause if not we can go for kurt but for now let me imagine marcus is possible.)Anyway the frontcourt looks scary even if they are all 30,and 30+ of age.

PF Dice-Blair,Bonner,Thomas(id rather have him cause he play defense,but if it is possible to sign ty and either one of scola and landry then i'll go for it.Between the two who is possible?or just ty?)

SF  RJ-Raja,Malik,Gee(sg)*

SG Manu-Bogans,Morrow**

PG George-TP,Temple

But we have curtis still right,so i guess we can just stick to raja and eliminate morrow(*sigh),and we still need to eliminate one...hmmm...can we just send gee and curtis to the d-league but if not then i guess i need to let go of ty thomas!HUHUHU

So is it possible?

Please put you comments and thoughts.

And your own view and how the roster would look like using guys i've stated that is possible to sign with us.

Thank you!!


And I won't talk about trades here,but maybe S.A might pull off another trade.I presume that Tiago won't play but if Tiago would play as our C and Td PF then I can say we sign tiago instead of Camby,is it still possible to sign the guys i wanted if we sign Tiago to a 5-5.5 mil starting in his contract?

Guys I'll give importance to signing first.




Then we can sign others and/or  Tiago.

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