Photo/'Chop Recap: 'transgojobot' Jinxes the Spurs in New Jersey!


As an east-coast, tri-state residing Spurs fan, I have just two chances every season to see the team play in person; Spurs/Knicks and Spurs/Nets. Well, three, if you throw in Spurs/Sixers; which is quite a distance from me.

Anyway, this season's Knicks matchup fell too close to the holidays (booo!), so that was a wash. Instead, I zeroed in on the March 29th Nets game in East Rutherford. Discovering that it was going to be a SEGABABA and that the Spurs would be in Boston the day before (yikes!), I was already mildly concerned about how the crew would respond in this game months, MONTHS ahead of time.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I haven't gone to an NBA game in nine years?

This should be fun!

Arrived to the game an hour and a half before tip. My seat was near the visitor's tunnel and behind the Spurs bench. Watched Garret Temple, BLAAAAAAIR, Yawn and Malik Hairston practicing with Asst. Coach Chip Engelland. Nice.


...oh, and this guy showed up too:


Kudos to Manu, Tony, Garrett, the Bogeyman, Malik, Yawn, RAGE and BLAAAAAAAIR for taking time to sign autographs near the tunnel. Photos of that to come when I drag my butt to Walgreens to get 'em developed.

On a side-note, RJ spent some time early on getting reacquainted with Nets employees and some of their little ones. Smiles all around. Kinda made me feel like slime for all the 'chop jobs I made about him. But it's all done with love, right RJ?

Time for warm-ups!


...uh, too soon, fellas?

* * *

Okay. Now, it's game time. Should I be nervous? Naaaaaah!


But, hey, Mason is shooting well (3-5 with a triple) and RAGE is taking it strong to the hole! This is a GREAT SIGN!


And a certain 'redhead' we all know and love is also DRIVING IT TO THE HOLE?!! This is a TERRIBLE SIGN!


Okay, now. This game is closer early on than I would like; just as competitive as the one at AT&T. But I know that in the second half everyth---OMIGOD, why is Roger Mason coming out of the tunnel with GINORMOUS icepack on his shooting hand?!! I can chill a six-pack with that!!


Nevertheless, I still believe the Spurs can snatch victory from the claws of potential embarrassment. All we need are STOPS and execution on the other end. Tie the game up and then facilitate through #21.

Spurs can do this! I believe!


OMIGODWTF! Tragic Johnson just threw away the ball!!!


The Nets (THE NETS!) can smell blood; they're hitting every shot, grabbing every board and loose ball. The Spurs can't buy a bucket. And just like that it's all over.


You've got to [CENSORED] kidding me?


Don't get me started, Tommy.

* * *

Although the game's end result torpedoed my night, I still had a GREAT TIME. I have to give major props to the Nets V.I.P. staff for the great seats (the "Spurs section" to boot). I am completely and totally spoiled now. I can't wait to get the same seats or closer, when Nets' games are played at The Rock (Prudential Center) in Newark next season.

I hope to see Manu Ginobili play next time too. He and BLAAAAAAIR are the two major reasons why I shelled out to watch this game. The Man With No Swagger is worth the price of admission. Don't screw around with my game plans next season R.C., Pop. Pay the man.

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