First fanpost/Thunder/Spurs quickcap

So this is my first attempt at writing a recap…hopefully it will be more interesting to the general public than my political science essays (apparently anarchy is not interesting to the common man, who knew?)

One thing you’ll learn: I like bullet points.

Thunder announcers said RJ wasn’t starting…it took me like 3 or 4 minutes to notice he was. So I guess they were right.

Other first quarter notes:

· Timmy and Manu both hit bank shots. Other than that, there were so many whistles I cant remember anything. That’s what I get for starting this halfway through the second quarter.

Second Quarter Notes:

· More whistles. They are making lots of bad calls, and being completely inconsistent…but both sides are suffering, or neither side is benefitting depending on how you look at it.

· We’re getting killed on the boards…again. Blair reduced some of the damage, but the zebras ate him so he’s back on the bench.

· So far, it’s the normal WestDurantula show, with some contributions from Green and Ibake, and most everyone wearing a Spurs uniform.

· Oh yeah- Mason sucks. Missing shots, tricking Pop into giving him more minutes…he’s even handling the ball. More than he did last year. Crap.

· Of course, two minutes after I write that- he hits two straight contested threes.

· Hill drawing the foul at the buzzer! And he’s only a second year player! We should trade him for someone older with more experience.

Halftime thoughts:

· We are really lucky to be down by three. Ma$e finally caught fire, for the first time since the last ice age, and kept us close.

· One thing I’ve noticed this year more than ever before is Timmy turning the ball over. In several of our last second losses, the dagger has been either him or Manu turning it over. Granted, it wouldn’t have been a last second loss if the two of them weren’t so awesome, but they aren’t above criticism.

· The NOOCH are up against Dallas. If Dallas loses and we go on a little win streak, we win the division and I think that means home court. We’re only 4 games back. Realistically- that’s not going to happen. Our remaining schedule is on steroids, but we’re close and it is a remote possibility.

Halftime Entertainment:

· (I love best website ever.)


· Also, who doesn’t love tranquilizing sheep?


Finally, no more needless links.

Third Quarter:

· We get off to a hot start. Go up 60-59. Then Jefferson tried to flop and draw an offensive foul on KD, and ends up out of position for an easy bucket. Nice try, though.

· Durant is going to get his no matter who is guarding him.

· So is Manu.

· Hill catching fire.

· RJ airball. Damn.

· Green and Westbrook both have 4 fouls.

· Bank open late for Timmeh.

· Hill guarding Durant- I like this matchup.


· Let’s just feed the ball to Tim and let him work. If we do this every time, we will get points…every time.

· We have 6 total turnovers with 6 to go in the third. That’s not too bad.

· Hairston getting some playing time…but he isn’t being very aggressive. One thing I can say about ROMAJU is that he’s either been attacking the basket or shooting. Hairston just seems to be a body tonight, which is unusual for him. Could be lack of confidence, or could just be him not seeing any openings, but I’m pretty sure if Bonner can take it to the basket for an and 1, Hairston could too.

4th Quarter:

· Instead of the play by play style from above, I’m going to just give some casual overall observations.

· Blair should learn to flop.

· mmmmm….Funnel Cake.

· Hairston got taken out for leaving the corner when Manu tried to pass it to him. This might be the reason he doesn’t get more playing time- if he can’t hit corner threes, he cant space the floor, which is what our entire system is based on.

· Hill is no doubt our best defensive wing. He’s done the best at staying with Durant and challenging him. Nobody is going to stop Durant but Durant though.

· These refs have been horrible tonight. I think we earned a win, but I couldn’t be mad at Thunder fans for blaming refs. They have been wildly inconsistent, to put it mildly.

· Also…Ibake is good. Really, really good. He’s got a ton of potential.

Box score highlights:

· George Hill: 9-14, 2-3, 7-9, and 5 boards. Plus, a decent job keeping a hand in Durant’s face.

· Rj: zzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzz. Well, at least he didn’t kill us tonight.

· Timmeh: 14-7-5. Solid performance.

· Manu: 21-5-5-2. He could do better.

· Mason: Finally made a shot. 5 of them, in fact, and 3 were 3’s.

· We are now 6th in the standings, 3 back from Dallas, who has lost 2 in a row, and we have one more game against them. In the words of the immortal Leroy Jenkins

· “Let’s do this”


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